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Part One: Dog Food Pros And Cons – Commercial Dog Food Options

June 1, 2021

Today, there are more types of commercial dog food on the market than ever before. Each particular type of dog food has pros and cons, and it is up to the dog owner to choose the best option for their puppy or dog. There is no one type of dog food that is the ideal…

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Setting Up A Simple Backyard Obstacle Course For Your Dog

May 20, 2021

Most dog enthusiasts have spent more than a few hours watching dog agility events online or on television, which has inspired a backyard obstacle course for your dog. These are always fun and exciting, with athletic dogs of all sizes, breeds, and types hurdling over jumps, across obstacles, through tunnels, and even up and over…

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Tips To Teach Kids About Dog Bite Prevention

May 10, 2021

Children who have dogs at home or have a history of positive interactions with dogs tend to see every canine as a friendly companion, but it’s important to teach them about dog bite prevention. While parents want children to grow up with a love of dogs and comfort in interacting, it is also important to…

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National Adopt A Greyhound Month – Tips For Raising a Greyhound

April 12, 2021

A greyhound is a very ancient breed of dog, and they can be traced back to hunting dogs used in ancient Egypt. They are part of the hound group, and they were valued due to their incredible ability to spot prey and give chase. Today, most greyhounds are not used for hunting, but they are…

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Spring Into Dog Fitness Month

April 4, 2021

The beautiful spring weather in April is a perfect time to get your dog started on a fitness routine. April is designated as Canine Fitness Month, and the team at DogiZone has the ideal canine fitness evaluation and fitness program to get your pooch in top shape. All of our dog fitness experts are Certified…

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Kid-Safe Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

March 13, 2021

One of the greatest things for parents to see is their children interacting with the family dog. The bond between a child and dog is something special, with the dog always there as a trusted friend, companion, and supporter, all without judgment or ulterior motive, but there are things you should not feed your dog.…

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Tips To Reduce Shedding In Your Hairy Canine Companions

March 1, 2021

Dogs, just like humans, shed hair on a continuous basis. Some dogs also have a heavy shed in the spring and fall, which is known as the seasonal shed. This seasonal shed can produce a massive amount of hair, particularly in the large and giant breeds with a double coat. It is impossible to stop…

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Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

February 8, 2021

February is Pet Dental Health Month and is celebrated and sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and we think it is a great way to show some love by keeping a dog’s teeth clean. At Dogizone, we celebrate pet dental health year-round, with our groomers able to offer grooming, teeth cleaning, and even nail…

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