Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

By Dogizone | Dec 6, 2017

Show Your Dog Your Love Over the Holiday Season People love their dogs and tend to treat them like family. This includes finding ways to recognize and show your dog your love over the holiday season. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Diwali or your own family traditions, the winter months are […]

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Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

By Rachel Word | Nov 30, 2017

Are the winter holidays right around the corner, and you forgot to pick up something for your dog? Is Fido’s birthday tomorrow and you want to get him something special? It’s okay! We know some things fall through the cracks with all the hustle and bustle of life, but we’ve got you covered with an […]

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Let’s Stop The Barking

By Dogizone | Nov 29, 2017

Understand Why Your Dog Is Barking Barking is a very natural behavior for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. While there are a few breeds that don’t bark (the Basenji) or only bark infrequently, even these dogs make noises and will alert their owners to something strange in their environment. Some of the least […]

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Thanksgiving Tips For Dogs

By Dogizone | Nov 22, 2017

How to Keep Thanksgiving Fun and Safe for Your Dog Dogs are a very important part of many families, so it only makes sense to want to include them in the holiday festivities. For some families, particularly when everyone is traveling home, this sometimes creates a challenge as several families bring their four-legged family members […]

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Overcoming A Fear Of Dogs

By Dogizone | Nov 14, 2017

Whether you’re a child or an adult, you may have a fear of dogs.  People of all ages and all walks of life can have or develop a fear of dogs. Often this fear is something rooted in a past issue, often from childhood, where a child was frightened by a dog or perhaps even hurt. Children and […]

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How To Bring An Additional Dog Into A Family

By Dogizone | Nov 8, 2017

Easing the Transition of an Additional Dog to the Family  Bringing a new dog into a home where there are already one or more dogs can be a challenge. The current dogs may feel threatened, and there will need to be an adjustment to the pack pecking order. The new dog may also feel very […]

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