Tips For Grooming A Double Coated Dog

By Dogizone | Aug 8, 2018

Important to Groom Double Coated Dogs Dogs can have single coats or double coats. A double coated dog has two layers of hair that are very different. The outer layer is longer and coarser and is known as the guard hairs. The inner coat is softer, shorter and thicker, which can be almost like wool. […]

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3 Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Dog In August

By Dogizone | Aug 7, 2018

 Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate the Last Days of Summer Perhaps it is because of the dog days of summer reference, but for most dog owners, August is actually DOGust. With the autumn weather just around the corner and rain and snow just behind that, this is a time to find fun things to do on […]

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August Is National Immunization Awareness Month

By Dogizone | Jul 31, 2018

Does Your Dog Need Shots? While there is always a lot of controversy in the general public about the types and frequencies of vaccinations for dogs and puppies, vets have a general agreement about the most important vaccinations for our four-legged companions. There are some vaccinations that should be provided more than once in a […]

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Getting Your Dog Ready for Back To School

By Dogizone | Jul 27, 2018

Back To School Means Change In Routine for Dogs Kids are typically a mixture of excited and bit anxious and parents are often happy and looking forward to some time on their own when back to school rolls around each autumn. The one member of the family that is not at all happy about the […]

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Be Careful Around Standing Water

By Dogizone | Jul 18, 2018

Standing Water Can Make Your Pups Sick Most dogs are very comfortable in the water. Some just like to wade around while others like to leap in and take off swimming. In the summer months, standing water in lakes and ponds may look like a good option to allow your dog to cool off, but […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Heat

By Dogizone | Jul 10, 2018

Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer Dogs, like people, need to stay cool for their health. Unfortunately, there are still issues with dogs being left in vehicles, left outside without any way to cool off or dogs being exercised in the heat of the day. All of these issues can potentially result […]

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