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Is Your Dog Winter Ready?

January 16, 2022

In this part of the country, we spend time winterizing our homes, our cars, and even our gardens to help get through the next few months until spring but is your dog winter ready? Dog owners may not stop to think about their companion pets and how they will handle the cold weather and below-freezing…

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The Pros And Cons Of DIY Grooming And Training – And Why Professionals May Be The Best Answer

January 2, 2022

There are hundreds of types and breeds of dogs, from purebreds to lovable mutts, and all have their own unique personalities, quirks, and potential problem behaviors. Dog owners also are very different, with some having extensive experience in grooming, training, and caring for dogs while others may be enjoying dog ownership for the first time…

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Holiday Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog

December 19, 2021

During the holiday season, special meals and foods are always a part of family traditions. While there are a lot of great foods that make a nice treat for your dog, there are also some very traditional foods that have the potential to be deadly. The size of the dog, the amount of food consumed,…

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Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season

December 1, 2021

The holidays are a time when a lot of new and unusual things suddenly appear in the home and in the yard. These seasonal items may be beautiful, interesting, funny, or traditional for people in the family, but they can be potentially dangerous or even life-threatening to your dogs; so it’s important to keep pets…

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National Take A Hike Day – With Your Dog

November 16, 2021

At DogiZone, we love it when national days are something we can share with our four-legged friends. National Take A Hike Day is officially on November 17th, and this is a perfect time to get out in the great outdoors and spend some time getting exercise, lots of fresh air, and spending time with your…

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Green Pet Companies Contribute to America Recycles Day

November 9, 2021

Many industries have turned their attention to becoming responsible stewards of the environment. So much so that America Recycles Day is November 15. There are several green pet companies that have joined this line of thinking and developed very unique and revolutionary ways to lower the carbon footprint in all aspects of pet care.  DogiZone…

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Protect Your Pet – Even When You Are Not There

October 20, 2021

At DogiZone, we know you want to protect your pet at all times. October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month, and we would like to highlight a few important ways to keep your pet safe even if you are not at home.  Dog-Proof Your House   Most people are aware of the importance of puppy-proofing,…

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How And When To Switch Your Dog’s Food

October 11, 2021

Throughout their lives, dogs, just like people, have different nutritional needs; so it’s important to know how and when to switch your dog’s food. Puppies are rapidly growing and developing, and they need the right nutrients for optimal growth, including higher levels of protein. Adult dogs are more likely to require a maintenance diet that…

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