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The Problem Of Puppy Crating Throughout The Day

By Andrew Fraser | Jan 9, 2023

Puppy crating is a great way to provide a safe, secure place for a puppy and a dog to have as their own personal space. Similar to a den, a crate becomes a haven of tranquility and relaxation for the puppy that continues on throughout life.  The key to effective crate training is that the…

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2022 Pet Gift Guide To Make Any Pooch Happy

By Andrew Fraser | Dec 23, 2022

The holiday season is the perfect time to give your dog a little something special. This is often a hectic time of the year, and it can be easy for a dog to feel a bit left out of things. Adding a present under the tree or giving one or more smaller toys or treats…

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What Do You Need for a New Puppy

By Andrew Fraser | Dec 2, 2022

Getting a puppy for Christmas is the perfect addition to the household for many individuals, couples, and families. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing the puppy and forget about the supplies that are essential to make your new pet feel welcome and comfortable in your home. Here is a…

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Giving Thanks To Your Amazing Dog On Thanksgiving

By Andrew Fraser | Nov 18, 2022

Our dogs are so much more than just pets. They are a part of the family and provide unconditional love without asking for anything in return, thus we’re giving thanks for your dog this Thanksgiving. For most of us, our dogs are also our motivators to get out and be more active, with their pleading…

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Staying Holiday-Ready With Messy Dogs

By Andrew Fraser | Nov 4, 2022

The holidays are a hectic time in most households, but they are also full of good friends, food, and opportunities to get out and socialize, something that has been difficult over the last few years. Having a clean home to welcome both expected and unexpected guests is a goal for many families but can be a…

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Family & Dog Friendly Activities Near Me This Fall

By Andrew Fraser | Oct 17, 2022

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in and around Rockville, MD. The weather is not too warm and not too cold. Making you wonder if there are a number of dog friendly activities near me? This is the perfect time of year for weekend outings for the whole family, including the…

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Halloween Costumes: The Good, The Bad, And The Dog-Friendly

By Andrew Fraser | Oct 3, 2022

Halloween is known to be one of the times of the year to enjoy dressing up your dog. There are so many great options for pet Halloween costumes. A few popular pairings include: A dog and owner witch and warlock combination The whole family going as the cast from The Wizard of Oz, complete with…

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Discover The Right Type Of Socialization For Dogs Of All Ages

By Andrew Fraser | Sep 26, 2022

Having a well-behaved companion pet that is calm and controlled around other dogs, people, and even other animals makes your dog welcome in any situation. The right socialization for dogs helps reduce the risk of your dog acting aggressively toward other dogs or other people.  Dog Parks and Socialization Concerns  Unfortunately, socialization is not just…

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Proactive Dog Training Benefits – What are They?

By Andrew Fraser | Sep 6, 2022

Dogs, like people, often learn by doing. In fact, puppies and older dogs are constantly learning how to react in different situations that’s why proactive dog training is so important. Dogs learn by two different methods, including operant conditioning and classical conditioning.  Operant Conditioning Basics Operant conditioning creates learning by the consequences of specific actions.…

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Stop Clipping And Start Filing Your Dog’s Nails

By Andrew Fraser | Aug 26, 2022

Most dogs have some level of fear or anxiety around clipping their nails while filing dogs nails isn’t as traumatic. This typically occurs from an injury when the clippers cut into the quick of the nail and caused the dog pain. Cutting into this area cuts into nerves and blood vessels; these cuts can bleed…

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Discover the Three Steps to a Perfect Dog

By Andrew Fraser | Aug 10, 2022
Three Steps to a Perfect Dog

Is there really such a thing as a perfect dog? So I’m sure you’ve been driving down the road before and see somebody with their awesome dog. That dog seems to be like the most well-behaved dog on the planet, and you ask yourself, how do I get that perfect dog? So look, I’m going…

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Water Safety Tips For Swimming With Your Dog

By Andrew Fraser | Aug 9, 2022

Swimming is a great way to cool off in the heat of the summer, and it is also terrific exercise for both people and their pets. Most dogs enjoy some time in the pool, the lake, or even in the calm pools along a river. However, even though dogs may be good swimmers, it is…

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Tips For Keeping Your Hot Dog Cool This Summer

By Andrew Fraser | Jul 15, 2022

Dogs, just like people, can develop serious and even life-threatening conditions if they become overheated. Keeping your dog cool is super important. Hot summer days, high humidity, lack of proper hydration, and being active in the heat of the day can all lead to dogs of any size, breed, or type developing potentially fatal heat…

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The Joy of Summer Puppy Love

By Andrew Fraser | Jul 7, 2022

One of the best times of the year to bring home some much-anticipated puppy love is the summer. For most families and individuals, the summer makes spending time with the puppy easy. Particularly if the kids are home from school and the family is doing things about the house and the yard. With school out,…

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Travel With Your Dog In Comfort And Style

By Andrew Fraser | Jun 16, 2022

It is very common for everyone in the family to travel together. This includes bringing your dog with you as you head out for the summer, for special holidays, or just to spend a weekend away from home.  If you are traveling with your dog, our DogiMarket offers an exceptional inventory of all the essentials…

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