Essential Packing For Taking Your Dog Camping

By Dogizone | Jun 13, 2018

Essentials to Pack When Camping With Your Dog Taking your dog camping is a great way to bond, spend time together and to get out of the city and just roam and be free. Having a dog along is a wonderful companionship activity plus it is mentally and physically stimulating for dogs of all ages. […]

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Tips For Camping With Your Dog

By Dogizone | Jun 6, 2018

Safety Considerations for Camping Taking your dog out in the great outdoors for a camping trip is a great experience for you both to enjoy. However, there can also be some challenges, particularly if this is the first camping trip of the year of the first time you have had your dog out for more […]

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The Dangers Of Pond Water For Your Dog

By Dogizone | May 30, 2018

Some Higher Risks With Drinking Pond And Stream Water The shallower and warmer water is, the higher the risk of danger should your dog drink from the location. However, this is just a general statement as some types of water-borne illness can occur even in running water. Giardia In some cases, microscopic parasites can be […]

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Top Water Bottles For Outdoor Activities

By Dogizone | May 23, 2018

Bring A Dog Water Bottle On Your Walks! The summer is the perfect time to be outdoors with your dog or dogs. This may include going for a hike at a state or national park, taking in the doggy park, heading to the beach or even going camping. While we think to bring water for […]

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Safety When Walking Your Dog Around Water

By Dogizone | May 16, 2018

Tips To Keep Your Pup Safe!  When it comes to dogs and water, there are three basic ways to describe a dog’s reaction. There are the water enthusiasts who run and jump into any body of water. These tend to include the retrievers and many of the working dogs, but many terriers are also water-loving […]

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Off Leash Walking, Obedience Safety and Accident Prevention For Your Dog

By Dogizone | May 9, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Outdoors One of the most important aspects of keeping your dog safe when out walking around areas of running water, ponds, beaches or lakes is to ensure your dog is fully trained to respond to recall. Calling your dog back when he or she if off leash is a […]

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