Is A Golden Retriever The Right Breed For You?

By Dogizone | Apr 25, 2017

Does A Golden Retriever Interest You? As dog personalities and temperaments go, it is hard to imagine a better group of dogs than the Retrievers. The Golden Retriever is no exception. This is a noble, lovable and friendly breed that is a great addition to almost any type of family or living situation. General Breed […]

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The Medical Benefits Of Dogs

By Dogizone | Apr 18, 2017

Service dogs are specially trained canines that can provide a wealth of support and assistance for people with disabilities. There are dogs that are trained to detect seizures and alter their owners to sit or lie down as well as dogs that can act as a person’s eyes, ears and even as their hands, fetching […]

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Helping Kids Overcome The Fear Of Dogs

By Dogizone | Apr 11, 2017

While kids and dogs are a natural match, not all children are initially comfortable around dogs of any size or type. Of course, larger breeds or even small dogs that bark, snap or growl can be very intimidating to a child. In general, there are three reasons why kids have a fear of dogs. The […]

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Coping With The Loss Of A Dog

By Dogizone | Apr 5, 2017

Our dogs are a part of our family. They are a beloved companion, friend, support and warm shoulder to cry on. They are also part of our celebrations of happiness and achievement, and they are always there to give us the love we need after a long day at work or school. Coping with the […]

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Overweight Dog

By Dogizone | Mar 28, 2017

Dogs, just like people, are healthier and less prone to diseases and musculoskeletal conditions when they are fit and in the healthy weight range. In fact, the same issues that can lead to weight gain and obesity in humans are the cause of weight problems in dogs. The leading causes of dog weight gain are […]

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Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

By Dogizone | Mar 21, 2017

One of the most important tasks and responsibilities for any dog owner is in the preventative care and health of their dog(s). Parasites and insects such as fleas, ticks, heartworms and other types of worms are much easier to deal with through a preventative approach than through treatment options. heartworm The good news is that […]

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