Staying Holiday-Ready With Messy Dogs

The holidays are a hectic time in most households, but they are also full of good friends, food, and opportunities to get out and socialize, something that has been difficult over the last few years. Having a clean home to welcome both expected and unexpected guests is a goal for many families but can be a challenge with messy dogs. Keeping your dog clean and bathed over the holidays helps cut down on stray hairs, dirt on the furniture, and that distinctive smell of wet dog that comes with our four-legged friends. 

In addition, the holiday season is also the ideal time to take your dog to events in the community, holiday parties, and doggy play dates at the park. Having your dog bathed and groomed not only helps to keep your vehicle clean, but also makes your dog welcome at any location. Staying Holiday-Ready With Messy Dogs

The DIY Solution for Messy Dogs

Finding a time that works with your busy schedule and the groomers can sometimes take time and effort. While we offer to groom and even transport for your dog to and from DogiZone grooming appointments, we also offer another solution that is very practical for dog owners throughout the area. 

Our DIY DogiWash is the perfect option to get your puppy or dog clean and beautiful for the holiday season. Washing a dog at home often results in a big mess in the bathroom and sometimes even throughout the rest of the house! Using our facilities, including our special dog washing stations, makes a bath a pleasant solution for you and your dog. 

We Have Everything You Need 

Not only do you have access to dog washing stations, but we also offer a full line of premium products. We feature the Earthbath® line of dog products, which are all-natural and organic. Free from phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, the Earthbath® line of products leaves their coat and skin healthy, shiny, and nourished. You also have the option to use your own doggy bath products, so feel free to bring any special soaps, shampoos, and conditioners you may have. 

In addition to our washing stations, dog owners can ensure their dog is dry before heading out in the cold. Our professional dryers are available at each station, making it easy to style your dog for the holiday season. 

To schedule your spot, we recommend you book an appointment for the DIY DogiWash. Call (240) 793-5787 and reserve your spot. Don’t forget to check out our special deal for Astro Loyalty members, where you buy 9 and get 1 DIY dog wash free.  

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