Our Founder

Andrew Fraser, founder and owner of Dogizone


Andrew Fraser

A lifelong love of dogs, a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and a laser focus on quality canine care and training has made Andrew Fraser one of the top dog trainers in Maryland, and DogiZone® one of the most popular dog training, daycare and boarding facilities in the region. His love for dogs began in 2003 when Andrew rescued a year-old mutt named Tanner - or maybe Tanner rescued Andrew. Either way, it gave new purpose to Andrew's life and made it his personal mission to help keep dogs out of shelters. How? By making it easier for dog owners to enjoy their pets. Andrew reasons that if you give dog owners everything they need all in one place - lodging for when you're away, daycare for when you're at work, training to improve harmony between dog and family- fewer dog owners will be forced to give up on their pets, and fewer pets will end up in shelters. Andrew founded DogiZone® because he loves dogs and loves to help people form strong and lasting bonds with their pets.

One of the industry's most sought after thought leaders, Andrew is highly trained himself. He is a graduate of the National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio, is recognized as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer by the International Association of Canine Professionals, is a Pet Tech First Aid and CPR instructor, a certified Canine Fitness Trainer - one of very few in Maryland - as well as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

While Andrew is canine-focused, he is also community-minded. In 2015, he was awarded the Peerless Rockville Award by the Maryland General Assembly for his efforts to elevate the image of Rockville by converting an old auto shop into DogiZone®, a premier dog training, daycare, and lodging resort.

It probably won't surprise you that Andrew is a dog owner himself. During Andrew's free time, you'll find him and his wife out enjoying a swim with their mutt - Lily, and British Field Labradors - Foxy and Vader.