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Private Dog Training Lessons

There’s No Place like Home

Getting a new dog can be a big adjustment. From initial house-breaking issues to ongoing behavioral concerns, the faster your dog can adapt the better. When it comes to your pet, DogiZone gives you peace of mind. Our talented dog training experts are sensitive to the havoc a new dog can wreak. Special programs are designed to address your dog’s behavior at each stage, fully preparing your pet for the public. Whether you’re ready to bring home a brand new puppy or have adopted an unwanted dog from a shelter, investing in at home dog training will save you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation!

Basic Training

with DogiZone

At home dog training is the ideal starter course. It hastens the process of learning house rules while fortifying the dog/master bond. Designed to drastically reduce your burdens, at home dog training is strongly recommended as the starting point for all newly acquired dogs. Even if your pet is already housebroken, life in your personal space carries a whole different set of rules than your dog’s previous surroundings.

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Top 3 Advantages of At Home Dog Training

Owners Can Take Charge

Once the trainer leaves, pet owners take comfort in knowing how to teach their dog specific commands and continue the basic training concepts.

Accelerates Dog Training

Individual, at home dog training shortens the learning curve. Watch as your new pet readily accepts instruction and responds accordingly.

Strengthens Your Bond

Great for maximizing the relationship with your dog, at home dog training is a favorite tool used by many professionals to facilitate a strong canine cohesion.

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We Come to You

To Help

With lifestyles and hectic schedules governing our daily whereabouts, at home dog training becomes even more important. Our talented dog trainers will visit your pet at home or office and address all of your specific concerns, while introducing you to various concepts that help your dog adjust to domestic life. We currently serve Montgomery County, MD and NW Washington DC.


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Practice Makes Perfect

To optimize your at home dog training program, a prescribed amount of practice should be done between lessons. As each dog carries its own personality and set of charm, DogiZone offers thorough instructions and ongoing support, geared specifically for your dog, to maximize your successful at home dog-training program.

The talented professional dog trainers at DogiZone jump through hoops to ensure the most effective at home dog-training program is implemented. Schedule your FREE Evaluation to customize your at home dog-training program today!

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