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Dog Daycare Rockville, MD

Stimulating Play While You're Away!

Local pet parents love that we offer dog daycare in Rockville, MD seven days a week with playtime options to fit every dog's needs. Safety is number one, and we always ensure that our staff to dog ratio is proportionate to the number of dogs signed up for doggie daycare.


Free Day of Daycare

First time customers only. Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Activity packages at additional cost.

Dog Daycare Rockville MD

Why Choose

DogiZone® Dog Daycare?

Everything we do is built around these goals, including our safe and engaging daycare programs. Here's what your pet can expect at DogiZone®:

  • The largest indoor/outdoor climate-controlled pet daycare facility in Montgomery County - a full service resort for dogs!
  • Fun activities for daycare dogs including birthday parties and other themed events
  • Veterinarian recommended - we're a trusted name in pet care and we're highly recommended for daycare by local veterinarians!
  • Groups are divided by size, temperament, and playstyle
  • Sparkling clean facilities, cleaned at regular intervals with hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Fully climate-controlled facility, year round
  • Loving attention and careful supervision from our DogiExperts

Today was Roscoe's first day for daycare and they made it very easy. Roscoe was comfortable with them which is surprising because he is a homebody. I plan on taking him back for more daycare.

- Nicey J.

Daycare Play Options

No two dogs are alike - it's just one more thing we love about them! That's why DogiZone® offers multiple play programs in our dog daycare - there's something for every pup personality!


Our exclusive Playcademy® program is the most personalized, premier dog daycare program we offer! Our Playcademy® dog care experts help determine which activities will most benefit your dog during their day with us. Whether it's playtime with staff, joining up with other dogs, exercising their training and fitness or any other number of fun things DogiZone® has in store, a day at Playcademy® is always fun and stimulating.

Pack Play

Many dogs crave nothing more than playing with their fellow pups - it's in their ancestry, after all! Our Pack Play program is perfect for social dogs who love to play with their furry friends. Playgroups are chosen based on size, age, and temperament to ensure the right fit for every pup.

Personalized Play

Personalized Play is the perfect daycare option for dogs who prefer one-on-one attention from our DogiExperts or play with a small group of dogs. When they spend the day with us, your furry best friend will get the attention and activities they enjoy.


Free Day of Daycare

First time customers only. Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Activity packages at additional cost.

Benefits of Dog Daycare At DogiZone in Rockville, MD

  • Excellent source of exercise and energy release where your furry friend will receive socialization with other dogs or people

  • Comfortable temperature-controlled facility year round

  • Relief from boredom and loneliness

  • Healthy alternative to crating your dog during your workday - better than a quick potty break with a dog walker!

  • Reduces challenging habits like barking, digging, and chewing your belongings

  • We can pick up and drop off your dog for you! Check out our DogiZone® Transportation Services!

  • Dedicated, professionally trained staff, many of whom specialize in dog behavior and training will love your pet as one of their own!

  • Convenient hours and location

dogs on the play yard
DogiZone transportation van

DogiZone Transportation Service

Want to send your dog to DogiZone® for daycare or boarding but can’t fit the drive into your busy schedule? Or, maybe you just want to avoid dealing with traffic before or after work? We have a solution! Call today to sign your pooch up for our comfortable and convenient transportation services!

Dog Daycare FAQ

If we do not have your dog's current vaccinations on file, please contact your veterinarian and have them fax them to us as soon as possible to make sure you are up to date with required shots (rabies, distemper, Bordetella, and canine influenza). If your dog needs to update any vaccines, we recommend having them administered at least 7 to 10 days before arrival for maximum effectiveness. Please fax information to (301) 710-6146 or email to