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DogiZone® Dog Daycare - Stimulating Play While You're Away!

Long day ahead at the office? High energy dog? Separation anxiety? Our Doggie Daycare service in Rockville, MD is the perfect solution for you!

Our customers love that we offer Dog Daycare seven days a week with several playtime options in clean, spacious and safe environments where dogs can play with their friends while being supervised by our DogiExperts. We ensure that our staff to dog ratio is always proportionate to the number of dogs signed up for Doggie Daycare. Dog Daycare is an excellent opportunity for your dog to make friends and unwind in a supervised and safe setting.

We now offer 3 different options, so your dog can have the best environment for their individual personality and preferences:

  • Playcademy: The ultimate combination of play, learning basic manners, and exercise, customized for your dog under expert supervision.
  • Personalized Play: For dogs who prefer smaller play groups or special attention from humans.
  • Pack Play: For dogs who love to socialize and make new canine friends

Daycare rates starting as low as $22.95/day (240) 793-5787

Why Choose DogiZone® Dog Daycare?

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  • The Largest Indoor/Outdoor Climate Controlled pet daycare facility in Montgomery County— a full service resort for dogs!

  • Fun activities for daycare dogs including birthday parties and other themed events.

  • Groups are divided by size, temperament and playstyle.

  • Our company began in 2005 as Canine Obedience Unlimited. Our company is grounded on the values of keeping dogs safe, happy, healthy and well behaved.

  • Keeping our dog daycare facility clean and in top notch shape is a top priority. We clean both the indoor and outdoor portions of our facility on a strictly regimented schedule with hospital-grade disinfectants.

  • Great customer reviews and surveys.

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Benefits of Dog Daycare At DogiZone in Rockville, MD

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  • Excellent source of exercise and energy release where your furry friend will receive Socialization with other dogs or people

  • Engaging and interactive, safe and clean environment designed by pet care professionals

  • Comfortable air controlled facility for both summer and winter months

  • Convenient hours and location

  • Relief from boredom and loneliness

  • Prevention of destructive behavior and anxiety

  • Frequent bathroom breaks

  • Healthy alternative to crating your dog during your work day – better than a dog walker!

  • We can pick up and drop off your dog for you! Check out our DogiBus services!

  • Dedicated, professionally trained staff, many which specialize in dog behavior and training who will love your pet as one of their own!

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