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Dog Training in Rockville, MD

The DogiZone® Training Center located in Rockville, MD is owned by nationally recognized and certified dog trainer Andrew Fraser. Andrew has chosen the best dog trainers to make up the DogiZone® team.

Our trainers have won competitions and earned us a reputation as one of the top dog training companies in the Washington DC Metro area. This depth of knowledge and expertise provides a wide range of training solutions for every family - and your success is guaranteed.

Dog Training Options

No matter which training option is best for your needs, we make training your dog easier and faster with a customized approach.

Training Camps

Our Training Camps are our most popular programs. At camp, your dog receives multiple daily training sessions while enjoying a stay at our resort overnight or for the day.

Private Dog Training

Our Private Dog Training Center is one-of-a kind, 12,000 square foot indoor training space, plus our outdoor training area and agility course.

Group Dog Training

Group Dog Training Classes at DogiZone® is a fun and sociable way to learn basic obedience with other dogs and their people.


New Clients: Get a FREE Training Evaluation! (Valued at $79.95)

First time clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availability.

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Dog Training

Philosophy & Methods

At DogiZone®, we use dog-friendly and owner-approved techniques, which is why we can guarantee your satisfaction. All training is individualized based on breed, age and temperament, past and present behavior, and most importantly - your goals. Our veterinarian-recommended dog training system is designed to do three things:

  • Teach dogs to respond to your verbal commands under distraction
  • Teach you how to maintain a dog's positive behaviors and training, and even improve over time
  • Ensure the training actually "sticks" through ongoing support and coaching

We are accomplished trainers constantly furthering our education by attending conferences, seminars, and various dog training courses.

We’ve successfully worked with countless dogs of all breeds, ages, and backgrounds. We can help your dog learn or remember:

  • Important obedience commands like sit, down, stay, and come
  • Polite greetings without jumping on people
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Waiting at doorways
  • Social skills with dogs and people
  • Home manners
  • And much more
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Training Camps

Overnight Training Camps

Overnight dog training camps are our most popular choice! Camps provide a focused training environment for your pet to learn new skills while enjoying a stay at our resort. They’ll receive custom-tailored training sessions, daily playtimes, and lots of love and attention. Here’s what’s included:

  • Comprehensive daily training sessions
  • Top-of-the line facilities
  • Personalized training to ensure great results at home, including with distractions
  • Playtimes either with the group or one-on-one with a caregiver
  • Daily wellness checks and plenty of loving human attention
  • Follow-up materials and support

DogiZone® includes follow-up dog training sessions with your package to make sure the training is long-lasting and effective. When you pick up your dog, a trainer will give you a demonstration and the first follow-up lesson to show you how to maintain and even improve upon your pet’s new skills.

Day Training Camps

Many people who choose our Day Training programs are busy professionals who have little time to train their dog but need efficient training in a canine obedience school setting. The main benefit of day care for training is that more commands can be taught and imprinted in a shorter period of time. Day Training is like a combination of doggie daycare and training. Just drop your dog off at DogiZone® in the morning and we’ll keep them busy between learning and play.

We had a great experience with DogiZone! Just one pre-Covid training session with George really laid the groundwork for us to turn our very energetic bird dog into a gentleman, cannot recommend him enough! They were very understanding and professional about lost training time during quarantine.

- Lyndsay H.


New Clients: Get a FREE Training Evaluation! (Valued at $79.95)

First time clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availability.

Dog Training

Private Training Lessons

DogiZone®’s private training is an excellent choice for dog owners who want to be highly hands-on during the training process. Private, individual lessons are recommended when a dog’s owners are able to commit to working independently on a steady, ongoing, daily basis. We offer more than 17,000 square feet of well-designed indoor training space as well as an agility course and outdoor training areas.

We work in a neutral environment to see the true personality of your dog and provide efficient training to rectify any significant challenges. We can provide a quiet and low distraction environment indoors, or we can take you around a dog park and nature trail with lots of distractions to work with. With some dogs, getting them out of the home can make a world of difference.

dog learning how to sit with owner using signs
group of dogs and owners in training

Group Classes

A group setting allows your furry pal to learn quickly and to socialize with other dogs while you enjoy camaraderie and encouragement from your classmates.

  • Our dog training experts are highly experienced and have taught these classes to over 30,000 dogs.
  • We modify the training approach to suit your dog’s individual needs.
  • We offer all levels of training, whether you’re just starting out with a puppy or new dog, wanting to stop a problem behavior like barking or soiling in the house, or looking for the highest level of obedience off-leash with lots of distractions.
  • We’re focused on helping your dog have the best manners in any situation, whether that means adjusting to your household routine, not jumping up on guests, better behavior around strangers and other dogs, or passing a test such as AKC Canine Good Citizen.
  • Classes are family-friendly, with tips and techniques for all family members (including children 8 years old and up) who want to be involved with your dog’s training and learning.
  • Classes are kept to a small, comfortable size. That way, you and your dog get the individual attention and assistance you need.
  • Classes are offered six days a week at our Rockville Dog Training Zone, so you’re sure to find a time that fits your schedule.


Training Videos

Our team regularly produces entertaining and informative dog training videos for pet parents to enjoy for free. Visit us on Youtube or Facebook to explore a variety of topics aimed at making pet parenthood easier.

Dogizone Transportation Van

Safe & Convenient Transportation Services

We take on the job of running back and forth so you don't have to. Whether you need round trip or one-way transportation, we're here to help! We primarily service Montgomery County, but we also can serve surrounding areas (Frederick and Howard County, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia) by special request only. In these areas, transport must be arranged 24 hours prior.

Dog Training FAQ

To keep our guests healthy and protected, we require proof of vaccination for rabies, distemper combo, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.

Reservation Requirements

To ensure the safety of all guests, we require all guests have met our minimum vaccination requirements. Our Dog Training Reservation Specialists will review this with you when you contact us.

The DogiZone Dog Training facility is truly a luxury dog resort designed to pamper your pooch while you're away from home. Now you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your dog is being cared for by the best in the business.