Dog Socialization In The Time Of COVID-19

Social distancing for humans is a proven way to help to slow down and prevent the spread of any time of virus. In the current pandemic, people are required to maintain social distancing and stay-at-home or work from home requirements to help to limit the spread of COVID-19, but what about dog socialization?Dog Socialization In The Time Of COVID-19

Even though this social distancing is great for the health of all people in our community, it is difficult for your dogs. They have the benefit of extra attention with everyone staying home, but most pets are not getting the exercise or the dog socialization that is an important part of their training. 

Working from Home with Dogs 

As dog owners, we love spending time with our pets. With this being said, having pets and kids around the house while trying to hold meetings with our colleagues, clients, customers, and our management and leadership teams can be a challenge. In the first few days and weeks of virtual meetings the process was new and novel, and showing off our pets was often part of the meeting. 

Today, people may find that having a pet around the house is a distraction. It may also be challenging to get everything done and still keep your pet occupied and entertained as your work from home requirement becomes more of a normal part of life. 

At DogiZone, we offer a solution to providing quality exercise and training for your dogs. We provide both indoor and outdoor areas that are climate controlled and set up for maximum fun and entertainment. Your dog can romp and play with other well-socialized dogs, ensuring he or she gets the exercise needed for their physical and mental health. 

The benefit of our DogiZone transport service means you don’t have to leave your home. We offer our transport service throughout Montgomery County, but we can often assist dog owners in surrounding areas as well. 

Essential Socialization and Training 

To ensure your dog has the necessary exercise as well as socialization with other friendly, playful dogs, consider enrolling your pooch in our doggy daycare program. All of the dogs are carefully vetted for socialization and are monitored and supervised by our staff throughout their stay. 

On nice days we use the outside facilities, allowing dogs to romp and play in the beautiful weather. On rainy, cold, or hot days, we have a climate-controlled indoor play area for your pet to enjoy. 

Our staff and trainers spend time with your dog, and we can work on any issues you want to address. This includes correcting problematic behaviors or learning basic obedience. 

All of our staff are trained in dog safety and supervision, and we assign staff based on the number of dogs. This allows for full supervision of the playtime and training events while also ensuring your dog gets the attention he or she needs throughout the day. 

To learn more about our doggy daycare options for your pup, call us today at 240-654-1225. We offer a variety of programs to meet your dog’s exercise, training, and socialization requirements.