Working From Home: Long-Term Solutions That Benefit You And Your Dog

One of the many potential benefits for individuals from the COVID-19 pandemic is working from home some or all of their hours. Having the ability to work from home can help you to save money, to spend more time with the ones you love, and to have a day filled with opportunities to bond with your dog. Working From Home: Long-Term Solutions That Benefit You And Your Dog

However, most people also need time to attend online meetings, to talk to colleagues and customers, and to focus on their daily work. In these types of situations, an attention-seeking dog can become a distraction, and it may create possible tension between you and your pet. 

A better option is to use a doggy daycare center for those days when you are working from home and cannot have interruptions. At DogiZone, we offer a very reasonable solution to finding a safe, dog-focused daycare to take care of your pet’s socialization, exercise, and even his or her training needs. 

The Daycare Advantage 

Just like children, dogs love to spend time doing things they like. When you are stuck on the phone or on the computer, your dog has limited opportunities to get the mental and physical stimulation he or she requires. 

At DogiZone daycare, we offer an effective solution for your four-legged friends. Different options in doggie daycare allow owners to choose the best method for their dogs to get the socialization and exercise they need to stay healthy. 

We offer our Playcademy option, which is an ideal solution for an active dog or puppy who benefits from some customized training to brush up on skills or get rid of bad habits. Dogs are always supervised, and they also have the advantage of dog training specialists to address any concerns the owner may have. 

Dogs who like to interact with people will love our Personalized Play packages. This is the best solution for a less active or quieter dog who enjoys playing with a smaller number of dog friends and loves being pampered by people. 

For the outgoing, extrovert dog, the Pack Play option offers all the canine interactions and play activities that keep these dogs happy. As with all of our doggie daycare activities, Pack Play is supervised by our trained and experienced staff. 

Transportation Services  

At DogiZone, we believe in making your life as stress-free as possible. When you need to work at home, or if you are planning a day out to run errands, our DogiZone transport services are just what is required. 

Experienced, licensed, and insured, our drivers arrive at your home and transport the dog or dogs to our facility and back home again. We operate our service from seven in the morning to seven at night on weekdays, allowing us to pick up and drop off your dogs without the need for you to take time out of your day. 

Information on our dog transport service and dog daycare is just a click away. If you have additional questions, call us at 240-793-5787.

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