Dog Boarding for the Holidays: Pros And Cons of Different Options

While the holiday season may be different this year, many families are still planning some type of family event where they need dog boarding. Whether you are planning to visit for a few days, or just take an overnight trip during the holidays, finding a way to take care of your dog is important for your peace of mind. Dog in a Santa hat

There are three basic options that dog-owners can consider. These include boarding at a facility, hiring a pet-sitter, or relying on the neighbors, family, or friends. There are pros and cons to all of these options, and considering your pet, the length of time you will be away, and your budget will be central to the decision. 

Friends and Family 

The lowest cost option is usually to ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to check in on your pet or to stay at your home. Over the holiday season, it is more difficult to find people who can stay at your house for some or all of the day. It is also challenging to enforce or require these people to do specific tasks associated with dog care. 

The good news is that a friend or a family member is a trusted person, which makes providing access to your home less stressful. In some cases, these individuals may offer to care for your dog at their home, which is a good option if the pet is not anxious or nervous in new environments. 

Pet Sitters 

One of the biggest challenges in hiring a pet sitter is finding a trusted, responsible individual. When hiring a pet sitter, look for someone who has completed training through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Pet Sitters International, or who has pet training certification. 

Your vet or groomer may be able to provide recommendations to established, experienced individuals. However, over the holiday season, these professionals are often booked early. It may be impossible to find someone on short notice. Pet sitters may also charge a higher price over the busy holiday season, which can create a budget concern even with limited one-on-one time spent walking, feeding, and interacting with your dog. 

Boarding Facilities 

At Dogizone, we provide full dog boarding services. We offer a low rate per night, and we work with families with multiple pets. Our boarding services are for a single night or an extended stay, giving you the confidence to travel and know your dog is safe in our care. 

Our services include regular interaction for your dog with our staff, the opportunity to play and interact with other dogs, and lots of exercise and attention throughout the day. All of our rooms and suites are climate controlled and comfortable, and we offer a range of packages to keep your dog or puppy entertained and active while in our care. 

To learn more about our holiday boarding services, call us today at 240-793-5787. 

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