Travel With Your Dog In Comfort And Style

It is very common for everyone in the family to travel together. This includes bringing your dog with you as you head out for the summer, for special holidays, or just to spend a weekend away from home. 

If you are traveling with your dog, our DogiMarket offers an exceptional inventory of all the essentials and the luxury items you need to take your pet with you on any type of holiday or adventure. 

Dog Carriers for Travel

Dog carriers are a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to keep your pet relaxed and calm in an airplane, vehicle, or any other mode of transportation. Look for carriers that are the right size for your dog and that provide ample ventilation, a rigid bottom, and comfort to carry the bag. Travel With Your Dog In Comfort And Style

We offer several airline-approved dog carriers. It is important to check with the individual airlines you are flying to verify they accept the specific type and size of the carrier. For smaller breeds, our backpack dog carriers are always a practical solution. Medium to large breeds can also be transported in a durable plastic carrier that provides the security and safety your dog needs in a vehicle or anywhere you need to travel. These carriers can also double as crates when you are on vacation. 

Treat Bags

Treat bags are a simple and effective way to have rewards always on hand. The bags we offer have different compartments and clip to a belt or clothing or be carried with a strap. Convenient and easy to use, these waterproof options eliminate the mess of having to clean out your pockets after carrying dog treats around for the day. 

Feeder and Portable Water Bowls 

Camping, hiking, or just going for a walk means having at least fresh water for your dog. We offer stylish yet practical collapsible dog travel bowls and combination dog feeders and storage containers. 

Low-cost, durable, and practical, portable dog food storage and feeding bowls combined with portable water bowls make traveling easy. For longer trips, we also offer kibble dog food containers that allow you to bring enough food for several days. 

Protect Your Car and Your Dog 

Taking your dog on a family vacation can be simple if you have the right protection for your vehicle upholstery. We offer several different styles of pet car hammocks and bench car seat covers that will completely protect your vehicle from dog hair, dirt, and moisture. For added safety, we recommend the backseat barrier, which prevents your pet from hopping from the back to the front seat. 

The DogiMarket also provides pet vehicle safety devices. Our seat-belt tether with a quick carabiner connection allows your pet to move around comfortably but still have added protection in the event the brakes are applied quickly, or there is any other type of sudden motion. 

The team at DogiZone is here to help you choose the best products to help your pet travel in comfort and style with the family. For assistance with any of the products we offer, call us today at 240-793-5787.