The Joy of Summer Puppy Love

One of the best times of the year to bring home some much-anticipated puppy love is the summer. For most families and individuals, the summer makes spending time with the puppy easy. Particularly if the kids are home from school and the family is doing things about the house and the yard.

With school out, having a puppy is also a great time for kids to bond with the family pet. Kids and puppies are a natural mix, and both need lots of things to do to stay engaged and out of the boredom zone. 

The Joy of Summer Puppy Love

It is essential for puppies to have lots of activity. While it is true that some breeds of dogs require more exercise than others, puppies generally require more physical activity than an adult or senior dog. When puppies do not have adequate exercise for their age, they tend to develop disruptive and negative behaviors. These types of behaviors can include barking, jumping, chewing, and even digging or destroying items in and around the house. The larger and older the puppy, the more problematic these behaviors can become. 

Even with a new puppy and kids, it can be difficult to find time to provide the level of exercise and activity to keep a puppy as active as needed for their physical and mental health. Days when the kids are off visiting friends or away at summer camps or when you have to work and the puppy is facing long days at home on his or her own, let the team at DogiZone help keep your pup entertained with dog daycare.

Our Solutions 

Puppy Pack Play is a perfect dog daycare option for puppies of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Imagine the exercise your pooch will get playing with a group of similar size and energy level puppies and well-socialized dogs. The play pack provides socialization and lots of exercise, ensuring your puppy has a wonderful time and comes home ready to spend some quality time with the family. 

It is important to note that our staff takes care in choosing the groups or packs for your puppy. We choose the packs based on age, size, and temperament, and our staff is always supervising the play to ensure all dogs and puppies have a great time at doggy daycare. 

Another service we provide is our puppy training programs. While you are at work or out for the day, your puppy will experience training sessions with our award-winning trainers. We even offer a training camp, where your puppy can board with us while you are away and get basic and more advanced training. Keep in mind, we also offer group and private training programs that are a great idea for first-time dog owners as well as those with multiple pets. 

To learn more about our puppy-friendly daycare and training programs at DogiZone, call us at 240-793-5787.