Training Puppies During The COVID-19 Quarantine

One of the wonderful things that have happened during the COVID-19 quarantine and shutdown is a focus on emptying shelters across the city and in the surrounding areas. This has also been a great time for families and individuals considering adding a puppy to their family to bring home their new pet and spend time bonding, housetraining, and working with the dog. But training puppies can be challenging.

Unfortunately, being at home and having to work from home does not necessarily mean time to spend with the puppy. Young dogs need a lot of time and attention, and this does not always match with Zoom meeting breaks or client phone calls. 

To help owners of young puppies and dogs, Dogizone offers a range of different programs and solutions to problems. If you have a puppy, we can provide professional help and services to address issues with socialization, obedience training, developing good manners, and having the time to play with other dogs to burn off all that boundless puppy energy. 

Socialization is Critical 

Interacting with others, including in outdoor spaces like dog parks, is a significant problem during COVID-19. Many of the community-based puppy socialization classes are no longer operating, which makes it very difficult to find other puppies and dogs for socialization. 

At Dogizone, our doggie playgroups offer the ideal option for socialization. Our experienced staff supervises the dogs, and we are careful to match puppies with highly social dogs, so they have a great time and become comfortable around other dogs. 

Puppy Training 

Our team of professional dog trainers is also here to provide daily obedience work and training specifically geared to puppies of all ages. Unlike older dogs, puppies benefit from shorter, more specific training sessions followed by positive attention, time to run and play, and also time to rest. 

This can be very difficult to manage when you are trying to work from home, keep the kids focused on online lessons, and also keep up with a puppy. Our Dogizone Playcademy is the perfect option. We offer this as a concierge service, which means we can adjust the requirements and the activities for your puppy based on your desired end results. 

Playcademy offers a range of socialization, training, and life skills lessons for dogs and puppies. We also provide manners training from dog care experts who truly care about your pet. Early and consistent obedience and manners training ensure your puppy is well-behaved. It also means your new puppy will be welcome once it is possible to do things with family and friends in the future. 

Our facility is open and offering all services using the latest safety measures to be fully COVID-19 compliant. For your convenience, we also offer our Dogizone Transportation service, so you do not have to leave the house. 

For more information on any of our puppy training, manners, and socialization opportunities, call us today at 240-793-5787.

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