Common Myths About Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Myths

Dogizone grooming services provide individualized attention to your pet and his or her coat, nails, ears, and even those pesky anal glands that occasionally need emptying. Working with a professional dog groomer makes the process easy for pet parents and pleasant and enjoyable for your dog. Unfortunately, many of our dog owners have read information online or heard misinformation from other pet owners. These all too dog grooming myths about good grooming practices for your dog can negatively impact the quality of your dog’s coat, skin, and nails. 

Learning the facts is important to realize what are dog grooming myths. Just schedule an appointment with our professional groomers, and we will be happy to answer your questions and have your dog looking tip-top in no time. 

Myth 1: A dog’s nails never need clipping. 

Dogs’ nails constantly grow, just like your fingernails. Some dogs have faster-growing nails than others, but they all grow continually. Nails can wear down when dogs are walking on concrete or other hard surfaces, but this can also lead to splits and cracks in the hair that become painful for the dog. 

Clipping and filing the nails removes any sharp edges on the nails and prevents your dog from experiencing the pain and discomfort of walking on nails that are too long. 

Myth 2: Bathing a dog is not healthy for the coat. 

People who believe you should never bathe a dog or those who think dogs should only be bathed once or twice a year may be creating a higher risk for their dog for skin infections, hot spots, and undetected skin conditions. 

Routine bathing with quality dog shampoos and conditioners helps keep the coat and the skin healthy and moisturized, preventing itching, irritation, and bacterial growth on the skin’s surface. It also prevents that doggy smell from saturating your carpets, furniture, and bedding. 

Myth 3: Anyone can clip their dog without any damage to the coat. 

It is important to know the specifics of clipping and trimming different coat types on dogs. Some breeds, particularly terrier breeds, should not be clipped. Instead, their coat is stripped to remove dead hair while also shaping the coat on the body and the face. 

Myth 4: Some dogs never need grooming. 

All dogs benefit from grooming to remove small tangles and knots in the coat and to allow the natural oils that protect the hair to extend down the hair shaft. A common mistake is to assume only dogs with long coats or double coats need grooming.

Dogs with short, single coats also benefit from routine grooming. Special types of grooming tools are used by professional groomers to ensure the grooming process is ideally matched to the dog’s coat type. 

Myth 5: All human hair products are equally good for dogs. 

Quality human hair products are not the same as quality products for dogs. Using human hair products, or even soap or liquid soap on a dog’s coat can result in a dry, brittle, and dull-looking coat. In addition, dogs may have a severe skin reaction to chemicals and scents, or even natural ingredients, used in human products. 

If you have any questions about grooming your dog, call our professional groomers. Give us a call at 240-793-5787 today to schedule your grooming appointment. 

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