Protect Your Pet – Even When You Are Not There

At DogiZone, we know you want to protect your pet at all times. October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month, and we would like to highlight a few important ways to keep your pet safe even if you are not at home. 

Protect Your Pooch – Even When You Are Not There

Dog-Proof Your House  

Most people are aware of the importance of puppy-proofing, and they are diligent about keeping potentially harmful or dangerous items out of the reach of the newest additions to the family. 

Over time, and as your puppy grows into a well-behaved dog, it is easy to let things slide. This could include bringing in a few houseplants that you do not check for toxicity for pets, or perhaps getting forgetful about leaving chocolates or candies in a dish on the table. 

Even well-behaved dogs can give into temptation. This is a great time to look around your home and determine if there are any dangerous or potentially harmful items in reach of your pet. Removing them is essential in helping to avoid any possible health issues for the dog. 

Fencing the Yard 

A check of the fence this month is a great task for a weekend. Walk along the fence and check for areas of rotted wood, bent wire or chain link fence, or any areas where the dog or another animal has tried to dig under. Check to make sure fenceposts are secure and not wobbly or loose. Repairing these can help prevent a bored dog from getting out. 

Invisible fencing is also a great way to provide an extra level of protection, even if you have a current fence in place. 

Dog ID Tags

Dogs can get out of the yard, bolt out of the house when you open the door or even jump out of a vehicle without being on a leash. We also recommend microchipping, but this requires a trip to the vet to complete a scan to find the owner. ID tags offer immediate information to reunite owners and dogs. 

Safety in the House 

Putting window clings that identify there are pets in the house is important in the event of a fire or other emergency at the house. We sell window clings that can be put by the front and back door for first responders to know pets are in the house. 

Another handy safety item we have in stock is a poisonous household items magnet. This can be placed on the fridge or a central area of the house to remind everyone of items in the home that are poisonous to pets. 

Drop by the DogiMarket to pick up your dog safety products or give us a call at 240-793-5787 so you can do your best to protect your pet.