The Top Dog Parks In The Rockville, Maryland Area

The Top Dog Parks In The Rockville, Maryland Area

Finding places to enjoy time with your dog in the Rockville, Maryland area is not difficult, and there are several dog parks and off-leash areas within a very short drive of the city. Different parks may be more basic or more user-friendly, offering everything from water fountains for the dogs and the people as well as picnic tables, comfortable benches and a combination of both fenced off-leash areas and dog-friendly hiking trails for on-leash walks and outings.  Dog Friendly parks in Rockville

There are different rules in various dog parks, so it is a good idea to do a quick search on any requirements for using a specific area. Keep in mind that special events may also be held at these facilities throughout the year, which may restrict the availability of the park over that period of time.

To get you started on parks to explore in the Rockville area, here are some of our favorites that are a great idea for dogs of all sizes and energy levels.

Rockville Dog Park

Located in Mattie J.T Shepanek Park on Piccard Drive in Rockwall, the Rockville Dog Park is a hit with dog owners and dogs alike. There are two different fenced areas for small and large dogs for off-leash play, with a shelter that extends over part of both play areas.

While the dogs are playing, humans can sit on one of the many benches, have a picnic at the tables or walk around and enjoy the area. With a Mutt Mitt station for easy cleanup of dog waste, this is a very well-maintained dog park area.

All dogs using the dog park must be licensed with the City of Rockville. As all dogs in the city over four months of age are required to be licensed, this is only an issue for out of town visitors. The dogs must also be vaccinated and must be socialized to have access to the park.

Cabin John Dog Park

Just a short drive down 270 towards Bethesda, MD, is Cabin John Dog Park. This is an off-leash park, with a large fenced area for dogs to socialize and play, as well as a good selection of hiking paths and trails that required dogs to be on a leash. There is a small dog area as well, which makes it ideal for owners that may be concerned with small dogs playing with the larger pets.

This is a woodsy park, where you and your dogs can get away from the noise and traffic of the city. The park areas itself is mulch, so it is easy on the dog’s feet. Water stations and MuttMitt stations are available for convenience. There are also climbing rocks for the dogs, which also make a great place for people to sit and watch their pets play.

Dog Park At King Farm

In the opposite direction from Rockville, but still close to the city, is the Dog Park at King Farm. This park offers a small and large dog fenced area, and both have lots of room for the dogs to run. The park has gravel paths to walk if desired, and lots of benches to sit and watch the dogs play.

The park offers drinking fountains for the dogs as well as bags and disposal bins for animal waste. The large dog side has a doggy pool to cool down, and both of the areas offer open access, which means no membership is required for dogs and humans to enjoy.

It is important to make sure your dogs are licensed and vaccinated before going to any dog parks. Always keep an eye on your dog and remove him or her if there is any sign of aggression or problems with dogs getting along in the park.

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