A Loud Bark Of Appreciation To All The Pet Sitters

While you may not know this, March 6-12, 2022, is officially designed as Pet Sitters Week. This special celebration of those who care for our pets when we are away was first started in 1995 by Pet Sitters International, a training and professional organization for pet sitters around the world. 

Professional, certified pet sitters take specific training courses to be able to safely and effectively take care of all common types of pets. Not surprisingly, the training and the mandatory exam focus on caring for cats and dogs and includes a range of topics from pet first aid to dietary and exercise requirements. A Loud Bark Of Appreciation To All The Pet Sitters

At Dogizone, we offer different options to care for your pets when you are traveling, away from home, or require a safe, caring, and fun place for your pet during home renovations, family gatherings, special events, or for any other reason. We offer different solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your canine family members. 

Dog Daycare 

Dogs are social animals, and they enjoy spending time with other dogs and around people rather than being on their own. At Dogizone, we provide your pooch with lots of friends to hang around within our well-maintained and fully supervised temperature-controlled play area. On nice days, we have outside areas that are great for enjoying a dip in the pool, socialization in the shade, and time to just run, play, and be a dog. 

If your dog prefers the company of people, we offer one-on-one playtime with our trained staff. No matter what your dog enjoys, we offer it at Dog Daycare

Dog Boarding at Dogizone

It can be difficult and costly to find a professional pet sitter to stay with your dog 24/7 while you are away. At Dogizone, we offer the ideal solution with our dog boarding services. Dogs staying with us overnight are kept in luxurious rooms and suites that are truly a canine 5-star experience. 

With soothing music and comfortable beds, personalized care from our staff, and indoor and outdoor places to play on their own or with other dogs, your pet will love staying at Dogizone. We make sure they have lots to do and plenty of attention and love, so your dog feels right at home. With lots of walks, healthy treats, and time to just relax and unwind, your dog will feel pampered throughout the stay. 

Dog owners can also schedule grooming or training while dogs are staying with us, which is another great way to keep your pet happy and busy while you are away. Our transportation services will pick up and drop off your dog, eliminating the need for you to have to worry about getting to our facility. 

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