The Pros And Cons Of DIY Grooming And Training – And Why Professionals May Be The Best Answer

There are hundreds of types and breeds of dogs, from purebreds to lovable mutts, and all have their own unique personalities, quirks, and potential problem behaviors. Dog owners also are very different, with some having extensive experience in grooming, training, and caring for dogs while others may be enjoying dog ownership for the first time in their lives. 

DIY Dog Grooming and Training - Should You leave it to Professionals?

Determining how confident and experienced you are in DIY dog grooming and dog training is important to ensure your dog is both well cared for as well as well trained. Knowing when problems are occurring that may lead to problems in any area for your dog is the critical point in determining if the do-it-yourself or the professional route is the best option. 

Benefits of Do-it-yourself Grooming and Training 

Both grooming and training are ways to bond with your dog. If you can maintain your dog’s coat on your own, this is a wonderful time to provide your dog with one-on-one attention, care, and positive praise and rewards. 

Having the right dog grooming tools is critical. For double-coated breeds, this includes shedding rakes, combs, brushes, and the patience to groom on a daily basis during the spring and summer blow-out of the coat. Dogs with shorter hair can be groomed using a slicker brush or even a grooming mitt, and dogs tend to enjoy this time with their owners. 

At DogiZone, we make DIY dog grooming even easier for the do-it-yourself owner with our DIY DogiWash station that will be available in our new space. We provide everything; just bring your dog for a relaxing bath using premium, organic, natural Earthbath® products. DIY Dog Grooming and Training

Training a dog requires consistency, space, and time. Many owners find there are specific commands or tricks that are easy for their dogs to learn, while other commands or tricks may be difficult. At DogiZone, we offer an expanded training department that will be open in January. It provides award-winning trainers to help you and your dog with the basics and beyond. 

When to Call the Pros  

We are here to help our dog owners with both grooming and training needs. Often dog owners find they simply do not have the time or the necessary tools and expertise to work effectively with their dog, either for grooming or training. 

Let our experts provide the services to help you and your dog. Our groomers will ensure your pet is washed, groomed, clipped, and has any additional services you request completed so you can enjoy your time together. We also offer a range of day training, group dog training, or private training for dog owners to consider. DogiZone also hosts special training days and seminars, which are both informational as well as inspirational for dog owners in and around the area.