Is Your Dog Winter Ready?

In this part of the country, we spend time winterizing our homes, our cars, and even our gardens to help get through the next few months until spring but is your dog winter ready? Dog owners may not stop to think about their companion pets and how they will handle the cold weather and below-freezing temperatures. 

dog winter ready

While it is true that dogs are related to wolves, generations of being companions to humans and living indoors have definitely changed the modern dog from the wild wolf. Some breeds, such as the double-coated dogs, are more prepared for cold temperatures, but even they need special protection throughout the winter. Short-coated dogs, small dogs, or brachycephalic dogs, those with short noses like pugs, typically have greater challenges with tolerating cold conditions, even if it is just for a short period of time. 

To help winterize your dog so you can both enjoy time outside this winter, here are the essentials we recommend at DogiZone. 

Foot Protection 

No matter what breed of dog you have, ice balling up between the pads of the feet is a serious problem. Additionally, if you walk your dog on streets and sidewalks, the salt and ice melt chemical used on roads and walkways can also irritate the skin between the pads, causing pain and possible risk of infection. 

Choose the right size of dog booties to eliminate concerns about ice melt chemical and salt damage. These boots also keep feet dry and free from those painful balls of ice that develop between the pads. 

Nose Protection 

The skin of your dog’s nose can be damaged in the winter due to dryness. This should not be confused with the loss of pigment in the nose over the winter, which is sometimes called snow nose. Snow nose does not result in drying out or irritation of the skin, but if you notice any discoloration and discomfort, see your vet. 

Different balms and moisturizers for dogs can be used to dry winter noses, and a small amount applied before going outside can repel water or any contaminants from ice melt chemicals or salt from further irritating the skin. 

Warm Dog Clothing 

Keeping your dog groomed over the winter months is important as a fluffy coat is able to trap the warm air off the dog’s body, providing insulation and temperature regulation. 

Short or single-coated dogs will benefit from a dog coat that offers both warmth and resistance from moisture. These coats range from more of an insulated body vest to a stylish fashion statement. When choosing a coat or sweater for the winter, keep warmth in mind over something that is cute or stylish. 

Be sure to check your dog’s skin regularly during the winter. Like human skin, it can become dry and flaky, which may lead to irritation and scratching. Talk to our groomers about any signs of licking, scratching, or rubbing that may indicate your dog is suffering from winter skin dryness. We offer Fuzzyard, Canada Pooch, Huxley & Kent, and RC Pet products at the DogiMarket to correct the problem and provide relief for your pooch. 

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