Indoor Activities For Your Dog Over The Winter Months

Dogs are wonderful companions for people of all ages. They are wonderful pets for people who may have mobility challenges as well as for busy people with hectic lives. For anyone who struggles with indoor dog activities, the winter can be particularly challenging to provide the same level of exercise for their pets as possible from spring through to fall. 

Indoor Activities For Your Dog Over The Winter Months

The winter weather is not just hard on dogs who don’t like the cold, but it can be problematic for elderly dog owners or those with mobility problems. The slippery sidewalks and icy conditions make it dangerous for outdoor walks, but that does not mean that dogs do not need to have a way to burn off energy. Additionally, dogs need regular daily exercise to maintain their overall health and fitness, which is equally important for puppies through to senior pets. 

Indoor Exercise Options 

Depending on the size of the dog and his or her training, indoor activities can help to provide regular types of limited exercise. For example, a game of fetch indoors is fun for dogs of all ages, but it is more practical for smaller dog breeds that can easily maneuver around furniture. 

If you have a spare room or a basement area, setting up a small version of an agility course is also a possibility. This can include a few small jumps made out of PVC pipe with blocks or chairs on either end to support the jump, as well as small ramps and obstacles made out of wood or rigid plastic material. Carpets scraps can be used to create a slip-free surface, and you can add creative elements such as PVC pipe in a wood base to develop poles for weaving in and out. 

There are packages of dog agility equipment that are available online, and this includes tunnels and all the accessories. Most of these can be modified to use indoors, particularly if you have a large space. 

Socialization and Activity 

At Dogizone, we offer a unique combination of exercise and socialization for your pooch. We offer a Playcademy program that is customized to the needs of each dog. Our staff works with your dog to determine what he or she likes, and then we develop a range of activities that keep your dog’s physical and mentally engaged. 

Within the Playcademy program, your dog has time to play with the staff, as well as having supervised play and socialization time with other friendly, playful, and similar energy level dogs. 

Throughout your dog’s time at Playcademy, they have access to dog-safe treadmills, lots of toys, and they can engage in a range of agility activities, manners training and life skills training that helps your dog to be a better canine citizen with every visit. 

To find out more about the Playcademy program, or to enroll your dog in the evaluation for the program, call us today at 240-793-5787.