Super Bowl Sunday With Your Four-Legged Friends

If you are having a Super Bowl party at your home this year, it is likely a small gathering of family and perhaps a few friends. This is the perfect year to make your Super Bowl Sunday more inclusive by finding things to do with your dog on game day. 

Super Bowl Sunday With Your Four-Legged Friends

Head Out to the Field

Get outdoors and have some fun running and chasing your dog. Your Super Bowl field cloud be in the backyard, at the dog park, or maybe a favorite off-leash or on-leash outdoor area. 

Before the big day, plan on buying a soft football or a throw toy for your dog in the shape of a football. There are several very durable types of dog football toys that are great for dogs that love to fetch. You can even have your dog wear a bandana around his or her neck sporting your team’s favorite colors. 

There are some great plush footballs if your dog loves to carry around soft toys. If you have a dog that is a chewer, be sure to keep an eye on the toy and remove it once the dog has started to chew through into the filling. 

Puppy Bowl Pre-Game Show 

While your dog may not be a TV fan, the Puppy Bowl that is shown on Animal Planet is a highlight of the day for many football and non-football fans. This is a fun event designed to raise awareness of puppies in rescues and shelters, so it is both a good cause and great entertainment for everyone. 

Dog-Approved Game Treats 

Unfortunately, a lot of the foods we love on game day as humans are not good for our pets. Avoid feeding your dog chips, candies, or processed meats. Do not feed your dog any type of chicken wings (bone-in or deep-fried), and avoid anything that contains avocado, which includes your favorite guacamole dip. If your dog tolerates dairy, a small amount of cheese is always a treat, but keep the cubes very small and limit to just a few. 

A few pieces of boiled chicken baked in the oven provide a crunchy treat. If you plan in advance, make some homemade jerky in the oven from lean beef, chicken, or any other meat. This can also be made in a dehydrator, or you can purchase commercial dog jerky at the pet store. 

Half Time Events 

Rather than just sitting around at half-time, make it an outside break time. Go for a quick walk around the block or play a game of tag or fetch in the yard with the dog. Smaller dogs may just want to play in the house, and anything that gets everyone up and active is a great plan. 

Sit back, have fun, and show your dog some love on Super Bowl Sunday. It is a great time for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy the big game. 


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