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Exercising Your Dog

Exercising Your Dog Can Do Wonders

September 17, 2021

Discover How to Have a Well-Behaved Pet By Exercising Your Dog So, do you want to have one of those amazing dogs that everybody’s jealous of and wishes they could have?  It’s really easy.  See, people make this much more difficult than it has to be. I’m gonna give you the simple tip right now.…

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How to Stay on Top of Pet Dental Hygiene

September 13, 2021

Early tooth loss is a significant pet dental hygiene problem for many dogs as they move from their teenage years into the adult and senior years. The good news is that dog owners can develop simple but effective dental health routines that help dogs fight tooth decay and gum problems that are directly related to…

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Tips For Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat And Skin

August 29, 2021

It’s important to use the right products and methods when maintaining dogs coat. While DogiZone offers professional grooming services that include baths and customized grooming services, we also know that some of our dog owners love to take care of this on their own.  DogiZone will offer DIY Dog Washing Stations at our new DogiMarket…

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Do Something Great For A Dog On National Holistic Pet Day On August 30th

August 12, 2021

There are two different options that consumers can choose when shopping for dog foods in their local grocery or pet store. These two options are science-based diets or holistic pet foods.  At DogiZone, we are very happy to announce we are adding several different options in holistic pet food to our DogiMarket shelves for when…

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August 10th Is Spoil Your Dog Day – Spread The Word

July 30, 2021

Do you spoil your dog on a regular basis? August 10th is the official National Spoil Your Dog Day. Spoiling your dog doesn’t have to mean a lot of treats and snacks, although there is certainly nothing wrong with something special on that day. A better and healthier way to spoil your dog is to…

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The Dangers Of Dehydration For Dogs

July 14, 2021

The summer months are a great time to go hiking, play at the dog park, or simply go on long walks around the neighborhood or on a local trail. July has officially been designated as National Pet Hydration Awareness month to help pet owners understand the dangers of dehydration for dogs. Most people are very…

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Including Your Pet In Home Fire Safety Plans

July 2, 2021

Every family should have a pet fire safety plan. This is a plan that ensures everyone in the family knows what to do and where to go in the event of a fire or another type of dangerous situation in the home or residence. Often overlooked in the development of a fire plan is the…

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Setting Up A Simple Backyard Obstacle Course For Dog

June 17, 2021

Most dog enthusiasts have spent more than a few hours watching dog agility events online or on television. These are always fun and exciting, with athletic dogs of all sizes, breeds, and types hurdling over jumps, across obstacles, through tunnels, and even up and over the A-frame and balancing on the Teeter. It is surprisingly…

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