Why Is Everyone Talking About A Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

One veterinarian is largely credited with starting the evolution or revolution of the raw food diet for dogs. Ian Billinghurst, like most students in vet schools in the 1970s, was told that dogs did better on commercially formulated foods that offered everything that dogs need. 

However, Billinghurst noted that the dogs he remembered at his home and those of his neighbors and friends in his Australian community seemed free from the skin conditions and ongoing health issues that the dogs he treated in his practice regularly experienced.

Why Is Everyone Talking About A Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Dr. Billinghurst noted that his own pets, which he was feeding using commercial dog foods,  seemed to have the same health conditions of the dogs coming into the practice. He began to feed his dogs raw bones and household scraps and noticed a positive change almost immediately. His 1993 book, “Give Your Dog A Bone,” showed dog owners how to feed their dogs Bones And Raw Foods, which eventually became known as the BARF dog food plan.  

The drawback for many owners was the formulation of the foods Dr. Billinghurst recommended. The largest part of the diet was designed to feed meaty, safe bones and raw meats, some vegetables, and limited amounts of whole grains. The goal of the BARF diet was to eliminate any cooked or processed foods, leaving dog owners with the responsibility of preparing the food.

The New Raw Food Diet Solutions at DogiZone

Feeding large meaty knucklebones and raw meat to a dog can be messy and difficult for many owners. At DogiZone, we offer a top selection of the new evolution of raw food diets at our DogiMarket, all simply thawed before feeding. 

These products are made from raw meats, organic vegetables, and healthy ingredients that add additional flavor, vitamins, essential nutrients, and trace minerals. Look for natural herbs and ingredients that dogs not only love but that help with digestion, coat health, reduce skin irritations, and help to reduce the amount of waste your dog produces on a daily basis. 

Sold in frozen form, these foods feature different types of meat, including beef, chicken, rabbit, duck, lamb, turkey, and salmon, as well as other meats. Different formulations add various vitamins and minerals, ensuring your dog gets a healthy diet. 

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