Boat Safety And Dog Life Jackets

By Dogizone | Jun 10, 2019

Dogs are typically happy to go on any type of adventure that life takes them. Most dogs can be a great boating companion, but it does take some advanced training, some planning, and some safety gear to make sure you have any emergency situations covered before you leave the dock.  Getting your dog comfortable with […]

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The Risks Of Letting Your Dog Drink From A Puddle

By Dogizone | May 27, 2019

Puddles, ditches, and low lying areas are always attractive to dogs. They seem to love to run through the mud, to roll around in the cool dirt and even to drink the water. However, letting dogs drink from stagnant water in these types of low lying areas can have mild to much more serious health […]

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Tips For Camping With Your Dog

By Dogizone | May 21, 2019

Safety Considerations for Camping Taking your dog out in the great outdoors for a camping trip is a great experience for you both to enjoy. However, there can also be some challenges, particularly if this is the first camping trip of the year of the first time you have had your dog out for more […]

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The Risk Of Ticks

By Dogizone | May 7, 2019

Tick bites, including from the three most common species, are on the rise in the United States. This includes reported bites with both humans as well as dogs, and include bits from the blacklegged tick, also known as the deer tick, as well as the dog tick and Lone Star tick. Of these three, the […]

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The Hidden Danger To Dogs In Spring Flowers

By Dogizone | Apr 23, 2019

Spring is a welcome time of the year, with the cold days of winter in the past and the warmer days of summer just around the corner. Spring is also a time for a range of different wildflowers and garden flowers to start blooming and making the world around us look colorful.    If you […]

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Preparing Your Dogs for Spring

By Dogizone | Apr 17, 2019

Tips For Making Sure Your Fur Babies Are Ready for Spring! Spring is here, now is the ideal time to make sure your four-legged friends are ready for the upcoming warm weather. There are several proactive and preventative steps that you can take to protect your dog from insects and other issues that will arise […]

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