Owning A Dog In An Apartment: What You Need To Know

By Dogizone | Oct 10, 2018

Apartment Living with a Dog Having a dog offers so many benefits to people of all ages. Medical studies have shown that owning a pet helps to reduce anxiety and depression, to reduce cardiovascular disease and even to help to increase fitness levels. Regular dog walking and exercises have positive aspects for interactions with others, […]

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Tips For Adopting A Dog In Rockville, MD

By Dogizone | Oct 3, 2018

Adopting a Dog is a Big Deal! There are several places to adopt a dog in Rockville, and it is always a good option to review any policies for adoption. Two of the major locations are the Montgomery County Humane Society and the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center. There are also some non-profit […]

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Managing Seasonal Allergies In Dogs

By Dogizone | Sep 25, 2018

Dogs Can Have Allergies Just Like Humans! Dogs, just like people, can have allergic reactions to different things in the environment. Some of these triggers are seasonal, which means they only occur at particular times of the year. Spring and autumn are the two most common types of seasonal allergies in dogs. However, during the […]

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Fall Themed Dog Treat Recipes

By Dogizone | Sep 18, 2018

Yummy Fall-Themed Pup Treats If you are one of those people who just can’t wait for fall to enjoy the great taste of pumpkin, you will be happy to know most dogs love pumpkin as well. In addition to having a great taste, it is also a healthy option for a dog’s digestion. To help […]

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Teaching Your Kids How To Approach A Strange Dog

By Dogizone | Sep 15, 2018

How To Approach a Stray or Strange Dog As the school year starts again and kids start walking back and forth to school, a quick lesson on how to approach a stray or strange dog is always important. This is particularly important for kids who love dogs and animals or kids who are very familiar […]

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What To Do With A Stray Dog

By Dogizone | Sep 4, 2018

Factors To Consider Before Helping A Stray Dog There is nothing worse than seeing a stray dog and not being sure what to do. Sometimes these dogs are obviously anxious and frightened, or they may be thin and obviously lost. Other dogs may seem like they are having fun, running around and trying to be […]

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