August 10th Is Spoil Your Dog Day – Spread The Word

Do you spoil your dog on a regular basis? August 10th is the official National Spoil Your Dog Day. Spoiling your dog doesn’t have to mean a lot of treats and snacks, although there is certainly nothing wrong with something special on that day. August 10th Is Spoil Your Dog Day – Spread The Word

A better and healthier way to spoil your dog is to give a brand new dog toy. At Dogizone, we are offering a range of new toys in our store that are perfect for dogs of all sizes, ages, and chewing levels. To assist you in selecting the right toy or toys for your dog, let’s take a closer look at what we will offer at our new DogiMarket coming soon. 


KONG dog toys are known for their durability, particularly for aggressive chewers. The classic KONG toys are made out of rubber, with various textures and shapes on the outside and a hollow middle and open bottom. The hollow middle for the traditional KONG toys is perfect for adding treats such as natural peanut butter or soft dog treats. KONG also makes treats specific for use in the toys. 

KONG also sells squeaker balls, rope toys, and extremely durable plush toys for dogs. They have a complete range of different options for balls and throwing items for fetch or tug-of-war games. 

Spoil Your Dog Day with a new toy


As you can guess from the name, Chuckit! Dog toys are perfect for active pets that love to retrieve. From flyers and bumpers to boomerangs and tug toys. Brightly colored and designed for use in or out of the water, these toys come in different sizes for various breeds and types of dogs. 

The company also sells cool glow fetch toys, launchers, and ground pursuit toys, as well as a full range of soft toys designed for inside use. 

West Paw

West Paw is a great brand for dogs that are highly active or those that love to just carry around their favorite toy in their mouth. These durable dog toys are uniquely designed to add to your pet’s enjoyment. The benefit of choosing West Paw ZogoFlex® toys is the recycling program offered by the company. Simply return the old toy, and it is recycled into new toys, with the zero-waste technology giving back to the environment.  

Mammoth Rope

Dogs that love to chew, tug, and shake will enjoy the Mammoth Rope line of toys. While the company offers a range of both chew toys and ropes, these multicolored cotton blend knotted ropes are their most popular option. 

From small rope and ball combinations to ropes for giant breeds and aggressive chewers, these toys provide hours of fun for you and your dog

Outward Hound

Outward Hound provides a wide range of different types of dog toys, treats, games, bowls, and even dog clothing and gear. The dog games are a perfect way to keep your pet entertained as he or she has to solve the moving puzzle to get to the hidden treats. 

These toys are built to last, and they are sized for different dogs. There are even puppy games that help the pup to learn the rules and graduate to the more advanced dog games offered by this innovative company.

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