Do Something Great For A Dog On National Holistic Pet Day On August 30th

There are two different options that consumers can choose when shopping for dog foods in their local grocery or pet store. These two options are science-based diets or holistic pet foods. 

At DogiZone, we are very happy to announce we are adding several different options in holistic pet food to our DogiMarket shelves for when we open this new store. The brands we are stocking include:

  • Merrick Classic Healthy Grains
  • Orijen and Acana, both produced by Champion Pet Foods
  • Fromm Gold
  • Taste of the Wild

All of these holistic dog foods offer premium ingredients that offer quality food options for dogs of any age and at any stage of life. These foods are also offered for dogs with specific dietary restrictions or requirements, including grain-free and byproduct-free ingredients. Do Something Great For A Dog On National Holistic Pet Day On August 30th

What is a Science-based Dog Food?

Science-based dog food is one that is produced to meet specific nutritional standards developed by animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and researchers. In general, these diets are less concerned about the source of the nutrient, which means they may include ingredients that are more processed or that are byproducts of another type of production. 

Many of the popular science-based dog foods on the market also include chemicals and additives for the preservation of the food or to add specific minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. 

What is a Holistic Dog Food? 

Holistic dog food is made from selected ingredients that are as close to natural as possible. For example, instead of adding chicken meal or chicken byproducts, the holistic food is made from actual chicken meat. The same is true with the vegetables and fruits that may be added to the food; it is included in the least possible processed form. 

The popular options in holistic dog food also provide ingredients that are designed to help the “whole dog.” This includes the addition of probiotics to assist with digestion or the addition of Omega 3s that help keep joints limber and the dog’s skin and coat healthy and in good condition.

dog eating holistic food

Quality holistic foods are made from human-grade ingredients. They tend to avoid using grain in the formulations and instead use healthier products such as legumes or potatoes that are more easily digested by the dog. 

Like science-based foods, holistic foods come in many different formulations. While a BARF or raw foods diet is a holistic choice, it is not ideal for many people to feed their dogs due to cost, challenges in preparing the food, and even in balancing nutritional requirements. 

Our selection of holistic dog foods offers our customers the option of different formulations for puppies through to senior dogs. The foods we offer are recommended by vets, breeders, and animal nutritionists across the country and around the world.