Spring Into Dog Fitness Month

spring into dog fitness monthThe beautiful spring weather in April is a perfect time to get your dog started on a fitness routine. April is designated as Canine Fitness Month, and the team at DogiZone has the ideal canine fitness evaluation and fitness program to get your pooch in top shape.

All of our dog fitness experts are Certified Canine Fitness Trainers through the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Our trainers start by evaluating your dog’s current fitness level, weight, overall physical condition, and even age and mobility levels. 

Each puppy or dog then has a custom fitness program developed to help them get in shape. This can include private coaching to help dog owners learn how to keep their pet fit or our group coaching or camp workouts. We also offer treadmill packages to allow your pooch to get in those all-important steps using dog-safe equipment and a personal trainer at our DogiZone facility. 

Our staff is always willing to work with dog owners to provide ideas to help promote canine fitness. We do recommend a fitness evaluation for any dog that has been inactive and is now going into fitness training. This includes working, sporting, and competition dogs. 

Ideas to Get Started with Canine Fitness

Walking is still the best overall activity for both dogs and their humans. Older dogs or dogs with a few extra pounds should always start with short walks, perhaps once or twice a day. Increase the distance and the pace of the walk slowly to avoid the dog feeling stiff and sore. 

Dogs that are normally active and well-socialized will enjoy time at the dog park. This is a terrific opportunity for lots of physical activity with other dogs. It also offers an important socialization experience for your pet. Our doggy daycare packages offer this same experience with both indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs of all sizes. 

Swimming is wonderful for dogs of any age. To keep your pet safe, invest in a quality doggy lifejacket or walk with your dog into the water for additional support. Lakes are a terrific place to exercise your dogs for walking, playing, and swimming. Be sure to stay in the dog-friendly zones and check in to follow all regulations for pets in the park or campground area. 

For dogs that are in great shape, long hikes to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air are a terrific idea. Before heading out, talk to our dog trainers to make sure your dog remembers recall training. As with lakes and parks, make sure to follow the rules of the trail for having your dog along. 

More active dogs that are in good shape can start at a more exercise-intensive level. Jogging, agility courses and more playtime at the dog park can help keep your dog fit, happy, and healthy.