Kid-Safe Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

One of the greatest things for parents to see is their children interacting with the family dog. The bond between a child and dog is something special, with the dog always there as a trusted friend, companion, and supporter, all without judgment or ulterior motive, but there are things you should not feed your dog. Feed Your Dog 

It is easy to assume that treats, snacks, and healthy food for the kids are also healthy for a pet. However, this is not accurate, and helping kids understand what not to feed your dog can save vet bills, upset children, and even the potential for a dog to become ill or even die from eating foods that kids can safely consume. 

To help your children avoid giving the dog anything that may be harmful, consider keeping a chart in the kitchen or talking with the kids on a regular basis about what it healthy and what is dangerous for their dog. 

  • Xylitol –an artificial sweetener that is found in most processed types of foods, including candy, gum, cookies or other types of baked goods. It is also found in peanut butter. This is a very dangerous ingredient and can result in liver failure in just days, even with a small amount. This is typically a fatal condition.
  • Salty foods – pretzels, potato chips, popcorn and other types of snack foods can result in severe health issues for a dog. The symptoms of too much salt include vomiting, depression, diarrhea, seizures, and in some cases, death. The amount of salt ingested, as well as the overall health of the dog, are factors in the severity of the symptoms. 
  • Raisins and grapes – too many grapes or raisins is potentially problematic for a dog and can lead to kidney failure. While one or two raisins or grapes are not likely to result in any signs or symptoms, it is wise to ban them from the dog snack list. 
  • Chocolate – most people are aware of the dangers of feeding chocolate to a dog. The darker chocolate and baking chocolate are the most problematic but even milk chocolate or white chocolate can cause problems in some dogs. Unfortunately, most dogs love chocolate, which makes it a temptation if it is left anywhere a dog can reach. 
  • Nuts – although nuts are healthy for kids as a snack, they are problematic for pets. Too many nuts can result in pancreatitis, while even a few nuts can result in diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. 


Kids should also not feed your dog or puppy any dairy products. Milk, yogurt, ice cream, and butter fed in even small amounts can result in digestive problems for dogs. While this is not typically serious or long-lasting, the dogs can have diarrhea, gas, or abdominal bloating after consuming dairy. 

Encourage kids to avoid feeding their dog sugary sweets and treats like cakes, cookies, or other types of dessert foods. While not poisonous, these foods can lead to digestive upset and metabolic issues for dogs.