Tips To Reduce Shedding In Your Hairy Canine Companions

Dogs, just like humans, shed hair on a continuous basis, which makes it difficult to reduce shedding. Some dogs also have a heavy shed in the spring and fall, which is known as the seasonal shed. This seasonal shed can produce a massive amount of hair, particularly in the large and giant breeds with a double coat. Reduce Shedding

It is impossible to stop your dog from shedding. It is a natural process that gets rid of old hair, allowing for new hair to grow in. That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with drifts of hair that end up under the couch, in the corner, or all over your furniture and clothing. 

Our Shed Control Grooming Service

At Dogizone, we offer the Shed Control grooming service. This is a specialized, three-step process that allows our professional groomers to remove a maximum amount of hair at each session to reduce shedding. Having your dog in regularly for this process will dramatically reduce the hair you find in your home and on your clothes, and it also keeps your dog’s coat looking healthy, shiny, and well-managed throughout the year. 

In between grooming appointments at Dogizone, we recommend you try a few of the following tips to help manage your hairy dog’s coat:

  • Add some oil – a small amount of olive oil or a fatty acid supplement with Omega 3 fatty acids that is designed for dogs is a great addition to food. The amount to provide varies with the size of the dog. Do not over-feed any type of oil or supplement as it can result in digestive upset for the dog. 
  • Change in diet – processed dog food that is low in quality proteins can trigger more significant shedding. Choosing a quality dog food with natural protein sources (chicken, beef, fish, etc.) can help to reduce shedding. Your vet can also provide information on recommended foods for your dog based on his or her age, coat type, and any related health issues. 
  • Brush between grooming appointments – talk to our groomers about the right type of brush for your dog’s coat. Then, make it part of our daily routine to give your dog a brush every day or every other day during the heavy shedding season. 
  • Pick up hair regularly – the longer dog hair sits on upholstery and carpet, the more the hair works into the fabric fibers, making it harder to remove. Daily vacuuming of dog beds, carpets, and furniture makes it easier to remove the hair. 

Be sure to check your dog’s skin if the shedding is unusual or if the dog is scratching or licking. Allergies and irritations can lead to increased shedding and are typically easy to treat if detected early. 

Don’t hesitate to talk to our groomers if you notice any changes in your dog’s coat. Our team of experienced groomers can help you develop a shedding management plan that works for you and your dog. 

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