Holiday Dog Safety For The Season

By Dogizone | Dec 11, 2018

Holiday Dog Safety Tips To Help You Navigate the Season The holiday season is fun for people as well as for many of our four-legged friends. When dogs are naturally social and have the temperament to greet everyone with a wagging tail, this is a great time of year. dog safety For timid or shy […]

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Tips For Throwing A Dog-Friendly Holiday Party

By Dogizone | Dec 5, 2018

Planning a Dog Friendly Party One of the great things about the holiday season is all the time spent with friends and family. If you are a dog owner, or if you have friends that are dog owners, planning a dog friendly party is a wonderful way to change up the routine. Planning a dog-friendly […]

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DIY Holiday Gift Options For Your Dog

By Dogizone | Nov 28, 2018

A Tradition Your Dogs Will Love Homemade gifts are a tradition in many families, and it is a tradition that your four-legged family members will love just as much as your two-legged ones. By choosing a DIY holiday gift for your dog, you can ensure it is made with care, uses only ingredients that are […]

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The Importance of Grooming For Your Dog

By Dogizone | Nov 20, 2018

Dog Grooming is Important Most people that own long haired or double-coated breeds understand the importance of brushing, particularly when the dog is shedding. If the owner doesn’t brush, the entire home is quickly covered with a thick layer of fine, fluffy hair that can be substantial even with the small dogs. Dog grooming is […]

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Thanksgiving Tips For Dogs

By Dogizone | Nov 14, 2018

How To Keep Thanksgiving Fun and Safe For Your Dog Dogs are a very important part of many families, so it only makes sense to want to include them in the holiday festivities. For some families, particularly when everyone is traveling home, this sometimes creates a challenge as several families bring their four-legged family members […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner: Sharing with your Dog this Holiday Season

By Dogizone | Nov 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Dinner – Sharing With Your Dog This Holiday Season  The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means good company, lots of delicious food, and an increase in serious cases of puppy dog eyes. As we sit down for our Thanksgiving dinner the temptation to share with our furry friends is strong – it can […]

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