Dog of the Month – February 2015

Please meet Clark!

When we first met Clark he was one of the worst cases of dog reactivity that we have ever seen before.  He was aggressive towards other animals, becoming hyper-adrenalized and it was incredibly sad to see such a nice dog so stressed. We were all worried and concerned that Clark would try to run up on the horses on the farm where his mom Addie works, which could end up being fatal. Walking on leash was danergerous due to his strength, and obedience was next to impossible due to how unfocused he was.

Progress was very slow at first, and it was suggested that Clark might benefit from medication in order to calm him down and improve his focus. After working with the amazing veterinary staff at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital Clark’s behavior began to improve greatly, he started to become calmer, and was able to be in the training area while other dogs worked around him. George was able to make an astounding amount of progress with Clark’s obedience, helped by Addie practicing diligently at home. Recently we received an update from Addie describing an encounter with another dog while out for a walk. For the first time Clark was able to meet and greet the other dog, and sit calmly next to him. This is an amazing success that you would have to see to believe. We are incredibly proud of Clark and Addie!

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