Great Holiday Gifts For Canine Companions

great holiday gifts for your dog

Most dog owners consider their canine companions as one of the family. As a member of the family, buying a few Christmas gifts for Fido to open on Christmas morning is a priority. Here are some great holiday gifts for your dog.

There are some really interesting gifts this year that are perfect for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and with all types of different interests. Just as you buy gifts for kids and family, choosing the right gift for your dog is really a matter of matching the gift with the dog’s favorite activities.

Here are some of the hot, trendy Christmas gift ideas. Most of these will be available at your favorite online retailer or even at a local pet store.

Pet Trackers

There are a lot of different pet trackers on the market. Some are small GPS devices that come with their own collar or that attach to your dog’s current collar. They sync with an app on your phone, allowing you to find your dog, see where they are when you are gone or just keep tabs to see what he or she is doing.

An upgraded version of the pet tracker is the pet fitness tracker. This works the same as the fitness trackers used by people, but it is geared to track the movement of a dog’s gait.  Some offer the option to set goals and even stay connected with your dog walker, boarding kennel and other dog owners using a similar device.

Puzzle Toys and Bowls

To keep your dog mentally engaged when you are at work or out of the house, puzzle toys and bowls are a great idea. These have different compartments that the dog needs to slide, push or move to open. You can choose healthy snacks or little bits of your favorite kibble to provide a small, healthy reward for solving the puzzle.

These can also be toys that are specifically designed to drop treats randomly. These are always popular as they keep the dog active and moving to get the deposited treat. These come in all different sizes from large to small.

Plush Toys

Like kids, dogs that love plush toys always have room for one more. If you are buying plush toys for a dog be sure to choose ones that are constructed to stand up to pet play. Never give kid‘s plush toys to dogs as the eyes, features and other added items can easily be pulled off and swallowed, creating a risk of choking or an intestinal blockage.

Ball Throwers and Launchers

Dogs that love to fetch will absolutely love the gift of an automatic ball launcher or thrower. These come in a range of different models and options as well as prices. Some are even interactive as the dog can drop the retrieved ball back into the top of the device to launch the ball again.

Your dog is sure to love any gift you give. Make special time during Christmas to enjoy time with each other and just have some time to play.