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Winter Activities For When It’s Hard To Get Outside

January 16, 2019

When winter snow or rain is an issue, getting outside and spending time in exercising and playing with your pooch can be a very real problem. It is important to realize that bad weather doesn’t mean your dog will be content just sitting inside a nice, warm and dry home. Dogs that don’t get regular…

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Strategic Tips for Training a Rottweiler

September 4, 2017

Tips for Training a Rottweiler Not all dogs are the same, and wise dog owners take the time to read as much as they can about specific training issues for any breed before they make a determining if this is a good match for their training experience One breed of dog that is very popular…

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What to Expect at a Dog Agility Class

March 6, 2013

Canine agility classes can strengthen the bond between a dog and his handler by establishing a certain level of respect between the two. This training also keeps your pet in good physical condition, which can extend his life. Before your dog enters beginner agility training, they will need to lay the foundation for course success through…

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Agility classes gaining popularity

September 1, 2012

Our Agility Classes here in Frederick, MD have been gaining popularity. When we first started the class was run 2 days a week for one hour for just beginners. Now we will have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to offer all levels up through competition. Come out and try our Agility Class before we move…

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Introducing Place command

November 8, 2011

A Short Clip of a Virginia dog trainer introducing the place command during the Martin Deeley 5 day E-touch dog training school in maryland

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Seconds of Obedience

May 28, 2011

A few seconds of training at the park in Potomac I used to train at with my Malinois Fat Lonny

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