8 Ways To Help Your Dog Live A Healthier Life

how to  help your dog live a healthy life

Regardless of the age of your dog, there are things that you can do as an owner to help your pet to stay healthy. You might wondering how to help your dog live a healthy life. Ideally, if possible, start using these tips with a puppy for the maximum health benefits. dog 

Choose Healthy Foods – there is a lot of debate today about the best type of food to feed a dog. However, whether you choose to feed raw foods (BARF diets), kibble or moist foods, be sure that the food is balanced and is a premium or high quality food.  Check the ingredients and look for real meat, limited amounts of grains or fillers and no artificial ingredients. healthy dog 

Provide Exercise Daily – every dog needs exercise. Some dogs will self-exercise in a home or apartment, but there is no substitute for getting out and walking. This is not only going to help your dog’s digestion and metabolism, but it also provides socialization and mental stimulation. Consider taking your pooch to a dog park or finding a place he or she can safely play and run off leash as well.

Spend Time With Your Pet – dogs are very social animals and they need to be around their family. This is true if you are a large family with multiple generations in the home or a single person. Your dog’s mental stimulation is just as important as getting outside for a walk so playing games, working on obedience and just doing things together is important.

Have A Grooming Routine – grooming your dog is not just about a great looking coat. A good grooming routine will also include dental hygiene, caring for the dog’s nails as well as checking the eyes and ears. Even with a short-haired breed, having at least a weekly grooming routine will help you to check out your pet and notice any changes.

Schedule Regular Vet Checks – most vets now consider semi-annual vet checks a good option for your dog. This allows the vet to check for common health conditions, provide vaccinations as well as complete any additional tests or checks as your dog ages.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog – male and female dogs that are spayed or neutered early in life have less risk of reproductive system diseases including cancers. It also helps to prevent dogs from running, and they tend to be less aggressive.

Keep Your Dog Secured – having a secure fence or kennel for your dog and keeping him or her on a leash when you are outside in public areas can prevent very unfortunate accidents.

Maintain Your Dog’s Weight – while it can be difficult to resist those eyes, avoid overfeeding your dog. Feed the food of your choice by the weight of the dog and limit health snacks and treats.

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging if you just make it a priority in your life.

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