Make Canine Fitness A Team Activity

Keeping your dog fit throughout its life is a great way to help prevent issues with obesity and related conditions as your pet ages. Most dogs are only slightly to moderately active throughout the day, so finding ways to increase exercise and make canine fitness a team activity is a great way for everyone to improve their exercise and fitness levels.

Make Canine Fitness A Team Activity

Increasing exercise and fitness for your dog is not always easy, particularly for busy dog owners or those away from home most of the day. Even if you are working from home, it can be difficult to find time to get out for a walk or a jog, a trip to the dog park, or a rousing game of fetch. 

Keep in mind that your dog’s fitness level is not just about keeping them looking great, it is also important for several other reasons. These include:

  • Weight-related health issues – diabetes, cardiovascular issues, digestive problems, and musculoskeletal problems are increased when dogs are overweight or obese. Even senior dogs need appropriate levels of exercise to reduce the risk of joint injuries
  • Training for events – many dog owners enjoy competitive or fun activities with their dogs, including agility, Flyball, Flying Disc, dock diving, lure coursing, rally, or nose work events. Training your dog in advance or maintaining their training year-round prevents sprains, strains, and injuries. 
  • Happier dogs – dogs that have regular exercise are happier and healthier. They have the opportunity to run and play, helping them to stay calm and reduce issues with problem behavior when you are away. 

Great ideas to help increase your dog’s activity level include:

  • Extend your daily walks by 10 to 15 minutes per week, which is an ideal option for older dogs or dogs in weight loss programs. 
  • Add a walk – adding a walk in the evening, morning, or even during the day adds to overall fitness levels. 
  • Get involved – try joining a dog owners group, or club, or sign up for an event that encourages you and your dog to get active. 
  • Set up a home agility course – add a few appropriately sized jumps, create a tunnel, and just have fun teaching your dog some new tricks. 

The DogiZone Canine Fitness Solution 

Many of our trainers at DogiZone are certified in canine fitness through the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee. We create customized fitness training and programs to help your dog get in the best possible shape based on his or her age and current level of fitness. 

We even offer special programs to help your dog lose those extra pounds or to help older dogs stay mobile. As with all of our programs, our fitness programs are designed with fun, lots of praise and attention, and some healthy treats for a job well done.