Stop Clipping And Start Filing Your Dog’s Nails

Most dogs have some level of fear or anxiety around clipping their nails while filing dogs nails isn’t as traumatic. This typically occurs from an injury when the clippers cut into the quick of the nail and caused the dog pain. Cutting into this area cuts into nerves and blood vessels; these cuts can bleed profusely and cause a dog a significant amount of pain. Stop Clipping And Start Filing Your Dog’s Nails

Dogs with dark or black toenails are more likely to suffer from cuts into the quick. There is no way to see the tissue that extends into the toenail when they are dark or black. White toenails are easier as the pink bundle of tissue is easier to see, but it is still possible to have the clipper slip and cut further up the nail than anticipated. 

To make matters worse, unless the clippers are extremely sharp, the result is the outer layers of the nail shattering, leaving jagged edges. These jagged ends are similar to chipped nails on your fingers. They can result in scratches on floors and furniture, as well as damage to the dog’s skin when scratching. 

A Better Solution 

Rather than trying to clip your dog’s nails, the professional groomers at DogiZone recommend nail filing. Once your dog’s nails have been filed to the correct length by our team, owners can add filing to their grooming routine. This is a simple way to keep the nails smooth and free from jagged edges. 

We tend to use nail filing on most of the dogs we see for our grooming and spa services. If the nails are long, our professionally trained staff will trim some of the nails, followed by filing to keep the experience pleasant and positive for your dog. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that your dog’s nails may grow faster or slower at different times. Dogs that routinely walk on surfaces such as concrete will wear down their nails, which may limit the amount of filing you need to do at home. On the other hand, dogs that spend most of their time on soft surfaces such as grass or carpet will tend to have a greater need for routine nail filing. 

What to Use 

Manual dog nail files are ideal for taking off jagged edges or rough areas on the nails between spa or grooming appointments. They are easy to use, and dogs tend to accept the use of manual nail files with just a few sessions and some positive praise and rewards. There is also a limited risk of getting too close to the quick, which means your pup always has a pain-free experience. 

Next time you are talking to one of our groomers at DogiZone, let us know if you have questions about nail care for your dog. Our full-service grooming and spa services are always a treat for your pet. Click here to schedule an appointment.