2022 Pet Gift Guide To Make Any Pooch Happy

The holiday season is the perfect time to give your dog a little something special. This is often a hectic time of the year, and it can be easy for a dog to feel a bit left out of things. Adding a present under the tree or giving one or more smaller toys or treats over the season makes the dog feel like a part of the family. 

2022 Pet Gift Guide To Make Any Pooch Happy

At DogiZone, we know how important it is for dog owners in our community to find the perfect gift for their beloved four-legged family member. This can be a difficult task, so we would like to share our 2022 Pet Gift Guide.

To get started, we have divided our recommendations into two categories. These include toys and treats. Of course, to give your dog a truly memorable holiday, try adding a few from each category and giving them over a few days rather than all at once. 

Toys for Puppies and Dogs 

As a general guideline, knowing how aggressive your dog is with chewing and playing with toys is helpful. Some puppies and dogs are very gentle, and they love to carry around soft toys and often have their favorites that last for years. Other puppies and dogs are more interested in chewing through toys, and these pups will need more durable options

For aggressive chewers, we recommend a KONG Classic dog toy. These come in a variety of sizes and are resistant to damage from chewing and playing. The Starmark Bento Ball is also durable and a favorite with dogs of all ages. Another option is the Tall Tails Braided Infinity Tug Toy, which is the perfect gift if you want to enjoy a good game of tug of war or fetch. 

A great toy for a dog that loves to snuggle with toys is the ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek plush toy. Our suggestion to entertain your puppy or dog with a delicious toy is the Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew toy, which is available in sizes from mini to giant. 

Treats for the Holidays

Finding healthy, nutritious, and delicious treats to reward your dog over the holidays has never been easier. At DogiZone, we offer only quality treats from leading manufacturers. 

We recommend the following treats for dogs and puppies of all sizes. Rather than selecting just one, try them all and find out which ones your dog loves the most. 

  • Natures Logic Beef Lung
  • Barkworthie Bully Sticks
  • NutriSource Soft & Tender Treats
  • Fromm Crunchy Os
  • Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

From crunchy and chewy to soft and delicious, these treats will make the holiday season special for your pet. 

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