The Problem Of Puppy Crating Throughout The Day

Puppy crating is a great way to provide a safe, secure place for a puppy and a dog to have as their own personal space. Similar to a den, a crate becomes a haven of tranquility and relaxation for the puppy that continues on throughout life. 

The key to effective crate training is that the crate is never seen by the puppy or the dog as a punishment. It should also be a place that the puppy or dog can keep clean and not a place where the animal is forced to use as a bathroom. 

The Problem Of Puppy Crating Throughout The Day

Many families get puppies over the holiday season. This is a perfect time to spend a week or two with the puppy before the kids head back to school and adults back to work. At the same time, a transition from having time to run and play, going outside to go to the bathroom, and experiencing lots of interactions with people to suddenly being in a crate for hours on end can be very difficult and confusing. 

The Crating Challenge with Puppies 

Crates, by definition, are smaller spaces. While a few hours in a crate may be acceptable for an older puppy or a dog that is not housetrained, spending an entire day or more than 3-4 hours at a time can pose serious challenges. Puppies from eight to 18 weeks of age may need to go to the bathroom every two to three hours, which means it will be impossible for them to avoid urinating or defecating in the crate. 

Puppies and dogs that are kept in crates for extended periods of time on a daily basis can develop significant behavior problems. This can increase destructive behaviors such as chewing on the crate materials, destroying bedding, or even licking and biting their feet. They may begin to bark constantly or become highly anxious. Some puppies may start refusing to go into the crate, creating problems with the relationship between the owner and the puppy. 

The Doggy Daycare Solution 

Dog daycare at DogiZone provides the ideal solution for your new puppy as well as your older dog. We have indoor and outdoor play areas and provide fun, supervised, and dog-friendly activities throughout the day. 

Puppies and dogs are grouped by size, playstyle, and temperament, ensuring your puppy will quickly find a group of friends to hang out with at our facility. This is ideal for socialization and exercise, and you have peace of mind knowing that your puppy is being entertained throughout the day and not stuck in a crate at home. 

Our doggy daycare is maintained to exceptional standards, including routine disinfection of areas with hospital-grade products. Our staff is always supervising, providing attention, and making sure your puppy is involved in activities. 

For more information on our dog daycare services, call us at 240-793-5787 or book online

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