What Do You Need for a New Puppy

Getting a puppy for Christmas is the perfect addition to the household for many individuals, couples, and families. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing the puppy and forget about the supplies that are essential to make your new pet feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

What Do You Need for a New Puppy Checklist

Here is a what do you need for a new puppy checklist. Keep in mind, if you have a dog, each will need its own things. Additionally, supplies you use for an older dog may not be appropriate for a smaller puppy. 

To help you get started as a first-time puppy owner or someone with experience in welcoming new dogs into the family, the following are must-have items for when the puppy arrives home.

  • Puppy foodpuppies need specially formulated food that is higher in protein to support their rapidly growing bodies. The DogiMarket offers a top selection of leading brands of dry, freeze-dried, canned, and grain-free puppy foods. We even offer a large-breed puppy food specifically designed for large and giant-breed puppies. 
  • Crates and bedding – puppies need to have a place to feel comfortable and to see as their “home.” A dog crate is a wonderful way for a puppy to feel secure, and it helps with housetraining and keeping the puppy safe.
  • In addition, choose comfortable bedding for it to use outside the crate in areas throughout the home. 
  • Bowls and dishes – puppies will need a water bowl and a food dish. We offer a full line of different sizes of pet bowls and dishes that can be used for food and water. Look for durable bowls that can stand up to puppies of all sizes. 
  • Toys – one of the best ways to prevent a puppy from chewing on the furniture, your shoes, or other items in the house is to have a variety of dog toys. Be sure to choose the right size for the specific puppy. It is important to ensure the toy is large enough and durable enough to avoid a choking hazard. Our DogiMarket offers a great selection of puppy-friendly chew toys, including the extremely durable Kong original dog toy. We stock these in sizes from X-small to XX-large. 
  • Potty training – puppies are not housetrained, and even with the best intentions, there will be accidents in the house. We recommend having some cleaning products and odor removers on hand that will allow you to keep up with the messes as well as help your house still smell fresh.
  • Leash, leads, harnesses, and collars – we offer a full selection of harnesses, collars, and leads to allow you to take the puppy safely outside. We offer multiple sizes for all types of dogs and puppies. 

At DogiZone, our staff is always available to help new puppy owners ensure they have everything they need. Just ask us when you’re here. We also make it easy to shop online for all your new puppy supplies.