Halloween Costumes: The Good, The Bad, And The Dog-Friendly

Halloween is known to be one of the times of the year to enjoy dressing up your dog. There are so many great options for pet Halloween costumes. A few popular pairings include:

  • A dog and owner witch and warlock combination
  • The whole family going as the cast from The Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto
  • The hot dog and vendor costume  – perfect for smaller dogs
  • Cruella Deville and a dalmatian
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf – great for large breeds

Pet Halloween Costumes: The Good, The Bad, And The Dog-Friendly

You can be creative with dog costumes and also make them simple. Consider a cape to turn your dog into a superhero sidekick, or perhaps a bandana to be your trusty companion if you are going as a cowboy or a cowgirl. We also have two options in Halloween-themed doggy bowties that are the perfect addition for any event.  

The Best and Safest Costumes

Choosing the best and safest pet Halloween costumes is not too much different from choosing safe costumes for yourself and the kids. Make sure the costume is fitted correctly to the dog and is not tight or creating pressure on the neck, chest, back, or legs. 

Most dogs do not need the extra layers of warmth humans may need when out trick-or-treating. Keep this in mind and avoid full-body costumes that can be both hot and uncomfortable. If you are staying indoors at an event, consider having the dog in the costume for the outdoor festivities or to greet people, then remove the costume later. 

Be very careful about any attachments, sequins, buttons, or other things on the costume that the dog could potentially chew off and swallow. These can create a choking hazard or cause digestive problems, including punctures of the stomach or digestive system. Instead, try a party hat or a shiny gold pet crown that eliminates this risk.  

Signs of Problems

Watching your dog carefully for signs of problems with the costume is important. If the dog is biting at the costume, is agitated or unusually distracted, or if the dog is whining, refusing to walk, or keeps his or her head down and avoids eye contact, he or she is likely stressed or uncomfortable in the costume. 

Some dogs may appear aggressive or become very frightened, which is often a combination of the stress of the costume combined with all the people and Halloween noise and activity. If this happens, it’s probably best just to ditch the costume.

Preparing the Dog 

If your dog is not used to clothing, be sure to introduce the costume slowly, and maybe choose a simple costume or just a small Halloween-themed item for this first year. 

We offer a great selection of dog accessories that are perfect for creating a costume. Be sure to shop early for the best selection!

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