Discover The Right Type Of Socialization For Dogs Of All Ages

Having a well-behaved companion pet that is calm and controlled around other dogs, people, and even other animals makes your dog welcome in any situation. The right socialization for dogs helps reduce the risk of your dog acting aggressively toward other dogs or other people. 

Dog Parks and Socialization Concerns 

Unfortunately, socialization is not just having your dog close to other dogs. Many dog owners have been told that the best way to socialize their dogs is at the dog park. However, dog parks are designed for dogs that are already well-socialized and are not aggressive, fearful, or anxious in the presence of other dogs or other individuals. The Importance Of The Right Type Of Socialization For Dogs Of All Ages

They are also intended for dogs that are good at recall and will avoid distractions, like other animals, and return to the owner when called. Dogs that don’t come back when called can be a problem in a dog park for both the owner and the other owners and pets. 

Taking a dog that is timid, shy, frightened, or aggressive to a dog park is likely to result in a significant and sometimes serious issue. These are the dogs that may snap at other dogs, including dogs that are much smaller or much larger. If your dog is off leash or on a leash and injures another dog or bites a person, you can be liable for vet bills, medical bills, and other types of damages. 

Another issue with public dog parks that most people don’t talk about is the risk of your dog picking up worms, parasites, or diseases. While owners are supposed to have their dogs up to date on shots, and other preventative treatments, these parks operate on the honor system. When you take your dog there, you have trusted everyone is as responsible as you are with your dog’s veterinary care. 

The DogiZone Daycare Solution 

To avoid these issues, DogiZone offers the ideal solution. We have climate-controlled indoor and outdoor play areas where your dog can spend time with other pooches his or her size and socialization levels. Our staff offers constant supervision of playtime, including our personalized play option that is designed for dogs that enjoy a very small group of dogs or interacting just with our staff. 

Pack play is excellent for well-socialized animals. We have different playgroups based on activity level, size, and age, helping your puppy through senior dog to be comfortable and have fun. 

Playacademy offers personalized activities for your pup, including exercising, fitness, and training activities. This is a great place to start your dog or puppy, and our staff will assist with supervised socialization based on your dog’s needs. 

To find out more, click here or schedule online. If you’re a first-time customer, don’t forget to ask for a free day of daycare for your dog. 

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