Helping Your Dog Stay Active This Winter

For many people, going outdoors in the winter for long walks or playtime at the dog park is not a top priority. This is particularly true as the weather gets colder, and the snow and ice become more of an issue on sidewalks and roadways. Helping your dog stay active in the winter can of course be a challenge.
Helping Your Dog Stay Active This Winter

The winter is also a more difficult time for seniors with dogs or for busy families with young children to be able to get outdoors on a regular basis. However, our dogs still need their outside time, and without regular exercise, many puppies and dogs develop bad habits such as chewing, barking, or other types of destructive and challenging behaviors. 

Another factor that many dogs experience over the winter is a lack of socialization with other dogs. If they are not outside and not going to the dog park, they have limited opportunity to see other dogs and people and to get that ongoing socialization and interaction that is so important for their behavior and interaction with others. 

Finding Options for Exercise and Socialization

At Dogizone, we offer a simple, safe, and fun option for your dog in the cold winter months, as well as throughout the year. We are a doggie daycare service, which is very different from a kennel or a dog boarding facility. 

Our Dogizone doggie daycare services are designed to offer your dog or dogs a fun, interactive, and highly social experience. We have large indoor playrooms where dogs are allowed to play and run with other well-socialized dogs of different ages and different breeds. All of our groups are carefully selected to match dogs of similar energy levels, play interests and styles, as well as temperaments and sizes. We have found this to be the most effective at promoting fun play for all the dogs in our care. 

This is similar to the experience of a dog park, but in a climate-controlled comfortable environment. During all of these interactive playtimes, all of the dogs are carefully supervised by one of our DogiExperts, our trained and experienced doggie daycare staff. 

We have a specific ratio of supervisors to four-legged participants in the fun and games, and we carefully monitor how the dogs are interacting. Our staff also interacts with the dogs, providing attention and a welcomed belly rub throughout the day. 

Our staff also makes sure your pet has water and time to go outside on a regular basis. If there is an accident in the playroom, we are immediately able to clean up and disinfect the area, ensuring a safe play space for all of the pets under our care. 

In addition to our doggie daycare services, we also offer a Dog Taxi. This is the perfect option for busy professionals, families, or our senior pet owners who don’t want to have to deal with winter driving conditions. 

For more information on our doggie daycare services, give us a call today a 240-793-5787.