Types of Dog Training

Popular Options For Dog Training

Dog Training

Having a well-behaved dog is a great way to be able to take your pet with you to a lot of different events, activities, and places. However, it is also important to train your dog for your safety as well as for the safety of your pet.

Dog training is not always easy, and some breeds can be more challenging to train than others. Sometimes, even experienced dog owners may experience a training problem, but they are wise enough to turn the help of professional dog trainers.

Most dogs will have some level of general obedience training, but the owner may want the dog to be able to compete or participate in a particular event. Agility or obedience training may be just what is needed to help both the owner and the dog to learn the basics and advanced in a new type of experience.

The benefit of participating with your dog in any type of training is that you both learn. Not only do you both learn the commands and the requirements, but you also learn how to work together under the guidance of the trainer. Find a trainer you like, who uses a training method you are comfortable with, and that understands how to teach, will be a terrific learning experience.

Here are the most common training options for dogs of all ages. Talking to the trainer in advance of any class will be essential to ensure it is the right match for your dog or puppy.

Puppy Obedience

Puppy obedience is really a combination of basic obedience work combined with socialization in a controlled setting. This is an ideal way to provide mental stimulation as well as physical exercise and training for a young puppy of any breed or size.

Adult Obedience

Adult obedience training is an extension of puppy obedience work. It is often a refresher type of class or a great option for an adoption of an adult rescue or shelter dog. Typically, with adult obedience, there will also be a socialization component which is fun for both dogs and humans alike.

Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen training culminates with a test that is a pass or fail. This is a program developed by the American Kennel Club that covers the ten steps or things that a dog should be able to do to be considered a good canine citizen.

This is an involved training that covers basic obedience and beyond, but it is a wonderful opportunity to really highlight your dog’s ability. Many therapy dog training programs require dogs have a Canine Good Citizen certificate before being approved.


Agility is a specialized type of training that prepares dogs for agility competition. Here dogs will learn to follow owner commands off-leash while completing a very challenging obstacle course that tests their fitness as well as their obedience.

In addition to these classes, private training for behavior issues may also be a good option. This will allow a dog trainer to help you with one or more challenges in your dog’s behavior using positive, effective training methods to correct the problem behavior.