Tips For Adopting A Dog In Rockville, MD

Adopting a Dog is a Big Deal!
adopting a dog

There are several places to adopt a dog in Rockville, and it is always a good option to review any policies for adoption. Two of the major locations are the Montgomery County Humane Society and the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center. There are also some non-profit organizations in and around Rockville that provide adoption services including Mutts Matter Rescue and the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW).

Adopting a dog from any of these rescues is a wonderful opportunity for a family to find a loving dog in search of a forever home. The rescues listed take in dogs of all breeds, mixes, sizes, and ages, from puppies through to senior pets.

The smaller non-profit charitable rescues typically use foster families to house the dogs before they are adopted. This is a simple way to get real-world experience in how the dogs respond to children, dogs, other pets and even to understand the dog’s current level of socialization and training.

Adopting from the Humane Society or the County Animal Services and Adoption Center usually includes information on the dog as well. These dogs are listed with any known behavioral, socialization or health issues known by the rescue. However, as with any dog of any age, new situations and environments can create stress and anxiety for the dog, which may result in behavioral changes until the dog is able to settle into the new environment and become comfortable.

Be Open

While it is possible to have a very specific dog in mind when going to the shelters and rescues, it is also important to keep an open mind. Rarely is the “ideal” dog in the shelter if you have an extremely specific idea of what the pet has to look like and what breed he or she has to be.

Keep in mind, unless the dog or puppy is surrendered by the owner, the exact breeds in a mixed breed dog are really a best guess by the rescue or shelter staff. When choosing a puppy or a juvenile dog, they may grow more than anticipated, which is a critical consideration if you want a small or medium sized dog at full maturity.

Fill in the Application and Adoption Cost

All dog adoptions require the adoptive family to fill out an application. This is a screening and information tool, which may be required before or at the time of adoption. Plan to fill in all the information and bring your identification.

You will need to pay the adoption fee for the dog. This adoption fee includes vaccinations, current medications, and even spay and neuter services. Older dogs will be adopted spayed or neutered, while young puppies will need to be spayed or neutered when they are the appropriate age.

If you have dogs or other pets, it is important to ensure they get along with the potential new pet. Plan to bring your dogs, children and other family members to make sure the new addition is a good match.

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