Essential Packing For Taking Your Dog Camping

Essentials to Pack When Camping With Your Dog

Taking your dog camping is a great way to bond, spend time together and to get out of the city and just roam and be free. Having a dog along is a wonderful companionship activity plus it is mentally and physically stimulating for dogs of all ages.

If you are planning on taking your four-legged friend on your next camping trip, here are some essentials to make sure you pack.

Harness or Collar and Leashes

Depending on what your dog is used to, be sure to bring a harness or a collar and his or her favorite leash. Then, just in case a leash gets lost or damaged, bring a spare, particularly if your dog is not fully trained at coming on command.

Having a harness and a collar is also helpful for extended trips. If the dog develops any type of irritation with one or the other, you have an alternate option to use. These are very small and lightweight and easy to pack and carry.

Water and Dish

While your dog may love to drink out of a stream, lake or puddle, these are often sources of parasites and disease. Plan to bring a dog water bottle or a collapsible dish and some additional water to give to the dog as needed throughout the day. Once at the camp, the dog can drink the same water you treat and drink or get from the campsite supply.

Dog Food and Secure, Airtight Packaging

Kibble is an easy food to feed when camping. It should be packed in airtight, sealed bags to prevent the smell of the food from attracting nuisance animals around the campsite such as raccoons, skunks, and rodents.

Dog food should never be left out as it as it will bring in bugs, ants and a range of animals into the campsite area. Seal the bags of kibble after each feeding and keep in your vehicle or in a secured area with your food.

Dog First Aid Kit

Most department stores, pet stores, and vets sell dog first aid kits for dogs of different sizes. These are small and compact and easy to fit into backpacks for easy carrying.

If you want to make your own, make sure you add gauze, tensor bandages or VetWrap, cotton balls or pads, antiseptic spray for wound cleaning, eye drops, tweezers, scissors and a needle and thread for wound stitching if required.

It will also be essential to bring any medications your dog requires. A travel size bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a small length of soft rope to device a makeshift muzzle can also be helpful in the event of a serious injury.

Dog Waste Bags

Add some doggy waste bags to your pack as you want to be sure to keep dog fecal material off the trail. If you aren’t sure how many bags to take, plan for the use of 2 bags a day to accommodate the typical habits of your dog.

Dog Sleeping Bed

If your dog is going to bed down on or in your sleeping bag, you may not need to bring an additional blanket or bag. However, many dogs prefer to have their own space, so a soft dog bed or a fluffy blanket folded to create a soft spot to sleep is a necessity for your pet.

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