Cool Ideas For Hot Summer Fun With Your Dog

Summer Is A Wonderful season To Spend With Your Dog
cool ideas for hot summer fun with your dog

Summer vacations, weekends, or just evenings home from work or school are a great time to spend doing something with your dog. Dogs, just like people, like to experience new things, particularly if they are well-socialized and used to being out and about with their family. Want to know what kind of summer fun for dogs there is?

For some summer fun for dogs that include low-cost ways to spend the lazy, hazy days of summer, try out these different options for outings, events, and activities.

Participate in a Charity Dog Walk

Summer is the time for charity events and fundraisers. Many local charities, including those for dogs, host summer walks, runs or fun days, which can be a great way to get out and socialize and interact with other dogs and dog owners while helping to raise money for a great cause.

Check in with your local dog rescues or community organization to find out what is going on in your area.

Spend a Day at a Dog-Friendly Lake, Beach or Park

Take the whole family for a dog-friendly day at a local state or national park, your local beach or a favorite or a new lake. Just be sure to check the regulations to verify the location is open for pets. There are locations in most areas where some or all of the beach area or park will be dog-friendly and may even allow off-leash dogs.

Hike a Local Trail

Try out some new walks and hikes as a day getaway from the city. This is terrific physical as well as mental stimulation for your dog, and you love the chance to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Remember, if your dog isn’t 100% trained on off-leash recall, use a retractable leash or a long lead to ensure the dog doesn’t run off and become lost.

Set Up a Doggy Play Date

This is an ideal time to arrange doggy play dates through your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Plan to meet at a local dog park or take a walk or a hike to allow your dog and yourself to have some much-needed time outside to socialize.

Always consider the weather and plan outdoor activities for the cooler times of the day, typically in the morning and then in the early evening.

Take an Outdoor Obedience or Agility Class

Many local dog groups, clubs and organizations host outdoor or indoor dog events at a very low cost or sometimes even for free. This is an ideal time to brush up on obedience for older dogs or get your puppy into a puppy obedience class.

Agility classes are also popular at this time of year. Dogs should have basic obedience to start the class, with the trainer providing additional information on the specifics of his or her program.

If you don’t want to do a full class, you can always set up your own program and practice with your dog. Just be sure to include some fun games and time to spend together as well.

Host a Dog Lover’s July 4th Picnic

A great way to combine a few of the activities above is to plan a dog-themed July 4th picnic. Set up your own agility route, plan a dog and owner scavenger hunt and then arrange for a celebratory picnic to top off a perfect day.

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