Top Water Bottles For Outdoor Activities

Bring A Dog Water Bottle On Your Walks!water bottles for dogs

The summer is the perfect time to be outdoors with your dog or dogs. This may include going for a hike at a state or national park, taking in the doggy park, heading to the beach or even going camping. It’s important that you have a water bottle for your dog.

While we think to bring water for ourselves, many dog owners don’t have a specialized dog water bottle for their four-legged companions. Investing in a dog water bottle is a low-cost way to ensure your pet stays hydrated throughout the day.

A Word About Water

Many dog owners, without realizing their mistake, assume that dogs can safely drink water from ditches, ponds, lakes or streams and rivers. While it is possible for dogs to drink this water, there are a lot of potential risks to consider. Water in natural reservoirs or in streams or rivers, as well as particularly in shallow puddles and ditches, often contains a variety of parasites, microorganisms as well as viruses and bacteria. These can be mild to serious in nature, so bringing water from home or from a safe source fit for human consumption is always the best choice.

A good way to think about the water issue with your pet is if you wouldn’t drink it, your dog shouldn’t either.

Water Bowls

Water bowls, particularly for larger dogs, tend to be bulky and can really add up in the backpack. There are some compact bowls that can easily be added to a pack, but they do result in a lot of water spilled on the ground as the dog drinks.

In a pinch, a stainless steel bowl is an ideal option. These can be easily disinfected and cleaned after every use. They are also not heavy, so they are a good addition to your gear.

Water Bottles

Water bottles for dogs are designed to allow the dog to drink from the bottle, usually with a flip down or twist top lid that doubles as a water pooling location so the dog can drink. Any excess water with either of these options can be poured back into the bottle for long hikes and trips.

The other options have more of a traditional bowl attachment that curves along the side of the bottle. These may or may not be designed to stand up on their own.

What to Consider

The best dog water bottles will be sized right for your dog. Typically, 20 ounces is the largest in a standard bottle size, but there are larger options for longer hikes or in a vehicle.

Look for BPA-free plastics or stainless steel for your dog’s safety. It is also important to consider how the bottle can be carried. Most have straps for carrying on the shoulder or across the body, and some also have clips for attaching to belts or the outside of packs or other gear.

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