Proof that Dog Training Works Miracles

We at Canine Obedience Unlimited have seen firsthand just how much a dog can transform through obedience classes and learning commands. Many trainers find the act of teaching dogs to be obedient and docile to be incredibly rewarding in and of itself, but what about the trainers who go the extra step further?


Dog fighting is a huge problem in the United States, especially in urban areas. Recently, nearly 400 pitbull terriers were rescued by authorities from one of the largest dog fighting rings in our country. A majority of the dogs were emaciated, injured, and found chained up in 90-degree heat without water. Many of the dogs were turned over to the ASPCA and Humane Society, where they are being rehabilitated. All of the dogs are now receiving medical treatment and the love and care that every one of them deserves.

Imagine what the professionals who are caring for these animals are dealing with. Most of these dogs are terrified of humans and have been trained to act out aggressively in all types of situations. It takes the most patient of people to work with abused dogs. It’s their job to reprogram these dogs to trust people — not something that happens overnight and, in some cases, it can be a dangerous task.


After the dogs seized from this particular fighting ring were nursed to health physically and mentally, they were matched up with trainers to reinforce that not all humans mean harm. Unfortunately, not every single dog that is bred to hate and kill can be rehabilitated but, with the right amount of training and persistence, many can. This is proof that training is a force for good. Dog rehabilitation is not an easy task, but all dogs deserve a second chance. No matter what challenge you face with your dog, it’s important not to give up on them!


At Canine Obedience Unlimited, we remain passionate about dog training in the Washington, DC area because we know that we are making a difference in peoples’ (and dogs’) lives. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching dog lovers how to have a healthy and loving relationship with their pets. We applaud all professionals who work with dogs, especially those dealing with injured dogs being trained for fighting. They constantly remind us why we do what we do and motivate us to do even more!