Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

Most dogs are content to sit around the home and lap up the attention like a modern pop star.  As loving owners, we love to shower them with affection; but what if your dog is becoming slightly obese due to his or her inactivity? Are you finding that they have random bursts of energy, yet no outlet? It is the duty of the dog owner to make sure that their faithful companion gets proper exercise on a daily basis, as well as fed healthy foods.  Perhaps you have always imagined that beneath the slightly girthy exterior of your Labrador, is a lean and athletic animal waiting to show off their skills; dog agility training in Maryland is an excellent choice for helping to train your friend to the fullest.

What level of training would be best for your dog?  A great starting point is the Basic Obedience and Manners Course.  This is a great class to enroll a new puppy or dog in, and helps your pet learn the ropes of how they should act as a family member in your home.  Beyond that level is the Intermediate Obedience and Manners course, which is a great segue from the previous course.  This class allows more factors to come into play, such as involving higher levels of distraction and making them obey from further distances.


If you have ever flicked on the television and seen the agility courses being navigated by a dog and their master, then you know how in shape your dog needs to be to even think about competing.  While you may not want to compete on a national level, the Agility Class is a fantastic bonding time for both animal and human, learning to navigate agility courses with speed and ease.  Check out the courses and training sessions we offer at Canine Obedience Unlimited, and experience the results that your dog can attain.