What You Need To Know About Pet Sitters and Dog DayCare

Pet owners have the added worry of finding pet sitters or dog daycare when they cannot be at home to care for their pets. This could be regular doggy daycare services to provide mental and physical stimulation for your pet on an ongoing basis, or it may be the need for a pet sitter or boarding kennel when they have to travel for business or to get in a much-needed break. What You Need To Know About Pet Sitters and Dog DayCare

September is Pet Sitter Education Month, a time for pet owners to spend some time learning about the valuable and very reasonably priced care options for their dogs. At DogiZone, we offer a full range of services from dog daycare to training, and dog grooming as well as boarding. 

Understanding what you and your four-legged friend need in a pet sitter, doggy daycare, or a boarding facility is the first step in finding the ideal service for your dog. Of course, the staff at DogiZone are always here to help and to provide additional information on the services we offer. 

Experience Does Matter 

The first thing any dog owner should investigate is the experience of the pet sitter or doggy daycare under consideration. Generally, pet sitters are people who come to your home to look after your pet, so both security and experience should be a factor in making a choice. 

Typically, pet sitters offer companionship and walks, but they do not provide training, socialization, and the option for group play. Pet sitters may be hired to drop in on the dog or dogs throughout the day, or they stay in the home. 

Dog daycares and boarding are facilities specially designed for pets. It is essential to take the time to visit any boarding or dog daycare facility and check for cleanliness, safety, and the number of staff on-site to work directly with the dogs. 

DogiZone staff are all professionally trained and certified, and we carefully limit our playgroups to ensure full supervision by our qualified staff.  Our facilities are climate controlled, designed with state-of-the-art features, and created to be very dog friendly. Our facilities are routinely cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants for the safety of all our dogs. We offer both indoor and outdoor play areas, so even in bad weather, your pet has lots of room to exercise and play with other dogs in group or individual activities. 

Our boarding facility is also a luxury accommodation for your pet. Dogs spend individual time with our staff throughout their stay, ensuring they are not lonely. Dogs that are social will enjoy group play, and all dogs will have outdoor breaks, lots of love and attention, and healthy, nutritious treats and meals. 

Additional Services 

In addition to the dog daycare and boarding facilities, we can arrange for dog grooming and pet training while your dog is with us. We also offer a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and our DogiFit Programs that are sure to help your pet to look and feel the best.

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